PC locks without errors or reports

  tclancey 19:20 04 Oct 2014

Hi folks. I have a problem with my PC which started a few months ago, it completely locks up without any errors. To start with the mouse kind of looses it's click, buttons don't activate, this goes on for a few seconds, then the pointer stops working, the keyboard does nothing and everything stops, It's completely locked and I have to hit the physical reset button. I then go through the Windows didn't shut down properly dos screen and the system loads back up and works again. But there is never an error report and no entries in the logs that explain it at all.

It seems to do it more when it's warm or under stress, but it's completely random, there is nothing powering off. I've swapped out the CPU, the GPU card, the power supply and the memory. I'm only left with the HD and the board I can change, but I don't have anything else I can swap these for.

Can anyone tell me if this is likely to be the OS or hardware?


  chris05 10:15 05 Oct 2014

It could be either hard or software problem, have you tried running windows in safe mode to see if it happens in there? The easiest way to find out is backup do a fresh install of windows or use a second harddrive to install a fresh copy of windows and see if you still get the problem.

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