PC locks out at 99% cpu then springs back to life

  awest3 07:25 05 Sep 2019

Hi, I have an oldish Dell Inspiron 530s. It stops responding and when I check in task Mgr its stuck at 99% Cpu but with no information on what's running, all the cpu information is 0%. It sits like this for a while then springs back into life. This happens on a regular basis. Event manager does not tell me anything (if I'm looking in the right place that is. Any ideas on how I can find out what's happening and fix it? Thanks Al

  Secret-Squirrel 09:53 05 Sep 2019

................. its stuck at 99% Cpu but with no information on what's running, all the cpu information is 0%.............an oldish Dell Inspiron 530s..............

If it's running Vista or 7 then in the Processes section you need to click the "Show processes from all users" button.

I can help further if you discover the name of the culprit.

  awest3 10:11 07 Sep 2019

Thanks for your reply. Sorry i should have said, I'm running win 10 with latest updates on. I may have found the culprit! I was helping a friend with their Samsung tablet and loaded some Samsung software to enable me to sort it. Yesterday I deleted the software and have not had the 99% cpu issue since then. It may just be coincidence of course but I'll give it a week or so before updating here again. Thanks again.

  awest3 17:09 07 Sep 2019

Spoke too soon, just had 99% Cpu twice in quick succession.

If anyone knows how I should investigate this please let me know. Thanks Al

  Secret-Squirrel 08:49 08 Sep 2019

Al, did you click the CPU column-heading once or twice to sort the processes so the busiest ones are at the top? If you did and that didn't help then Resource Monitor may work better so click Task Manager's "Processes" tab then the "Open Resource Monitor" link at the bottom.

Another option would be to use a different tool such as Microsoft's (free) Process Explorer. It doesn't need installing. Yet again, click the CPU column-heading to sort the processes in the list.

If you're still unable to determine the cause of that excessive CPU usage then run a malware scan with something like Malwarebytes. You can always remove it after it's done its job.

  awest3 11:07 08 Sep 2019

Hi, Thanks for your reply....Yes I use the Column heading to sort the processes...all 0%.

I'll give your suggestion a go.

I've already run malwarebytes with no issues found.

I'll report back.

  awest3 16:32 16 Sep 2019

I still have this issue, what I need is something which I can leave running in the background which shows what is grabbing the cpu. I need to have it running all the time and then to be able to look at a report which shows me what happened. All the apps I can use seem to run in in real time which is no use as when the PC bursts back into life there's nothing to see. I could do with something akin to an MVS Trap which I used to use on mainframe computers many years ago.

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