Pc Locks up during boot...

  hooperman4 18:46 07 Sep 2003

Damm machine, I need some help on this if possible.

On boot up machine locks up, tried to re install o/s but still does it. Other options tried, removal of sound card and vid card, mouse etc to try to narrow the problem but to no avail. There seems to be no specific time to machine freezing however it is mainly during boot. tried Win ME and XP o/s clean installation. I am beginning to think it could be mob...any ideas before the hammer comes out..

  seedie 19:29 07 Sep 2003

Do you get more than one beep on startup?

Try taking your memory modules out and re-seating them. Does your wife/partner use silicon enriched furniture polish?


  hooperman4 19:43 07 Sep 2003

Thanks for the response.

Yes, no probs on post boot, it just seems to "freeze" when the O/S has loaded, either on ME or XP. tried the removal of the memory and other cards, gave the beast a dusting down etc, still freezes so I re installed the O/S which went ok until this morning when it started freezing again.

PC= Celeron 1000 256 dramm mob=Abit VP6 duel processer board (only running one chip though).

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