PC locks up booting / running any program

  dreggy 18:40 18 May 2004

Over last few weeks a pc running win 2k (updated) 950 duron . The pc can stop a few secs after turning it on ( gives me a checksum error ??) or it can freeze whilst win2k boots .. basically it can freeze anytime .
I have noticed the monitor loses signal from gx card and goes off also sometimes when the pc crashes theres a bar of lines across the monitor. I did think drivers so i dload latest gx driver and removed all others completely and installed new drivers still the same . I am beginning to think hardware fault but i cant be sure .Can anyone give me a place to start looking ie what can cause these faults ..
any help info would be appreaciated

  Gaz 25 19:12 18 May 2004

Well its hard that one.

Could be memory, motherboard or graphics.

  Demora 19:57 18 May 2004

Have you tried loading the pc in safe mode (F8 at bootup) then running scan disk this will show if there are any bad sectors on the hard drive. We had a problem something like this a few years ago and we eventually tracked it down to the motherboard controller. Needless to say we changed the motherboard and all was fine. (That was a P166 though)

Just some pointers for you


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