PC locks up after booting

  hooperman4 09:10 08 Sep 2003

Damm machine, I need some help on this if possible.
On boot up machine locks up, tried to re install o/s but still does it. Other options tried, removal of sound card and vid card, mouse etc to try to narrow the problem but to no avail. There seems to be no specific time to machine freezing however it is mainly during boot. tried Win ME and XP o/s clean installation. I am beginning to think it could be mob...any ideas before the hammer comes out..

  Lozzy 09:16 08 Sep 2003

What is your system spec? How old is your BIOS? Have you looked in Device Manager and have you seen any red X's yellow ?'s or !'s against any device if yes what are the lines there on.

  hooperman4 09:24 08 Sep 2003

Thanks for the response.
System is a Abit VP1 Mob running Celeron 1000, the Bios is dated about 2001. The main problem is that I cannot get into the system, not even through safe mode, it just "freezes" around the point when the desktop is about to appear.

  Lozzy 09:33 08 Sep 2003

Can you get to the MS Dos point. When botting press F8 then choose start PC in MS Dos mode. If you can get there at the C:\windows> (type) cd.. (Two full stops) then hit return. You should see C:\> now here type, scannow and this will/should rectify any dammaged boot files.

  hooperman4 09:38 08 Sep 2003

Cheers Lozzy.

Not that sure it is damaged files, this has now been going on for some time now, re formatted the drive and did clean instal now twice (Tried ME and XP) but it still locks out which seems to lead me towards the mob, would flashing updated Bios be a help??, not 100% sure on doing this however I am really down to thinking it could be a hardware prob.

"Mike prepares the hammer"

  Tog 13:03 08 Sep 2003

If your BIOS is corrupted, it should give a checksum error during boot. If the battery has failed and it has set itself to defaults it could cause problems with your hardware, the only way to check is to go in there and have a look. Have you tried memory diagnostics? click here is worth a shot because the BIOS POST will only find the most basic faults.

  Tj_El 13:44 08 Sep 2003

hooperman4, before you actually 'prepare the hammer'(!!!!) is the PC a name brand or was it self-built? If the latter then many things could be causing the problem you see.

I had a similar situation earlier this year which drove me to the brink of total compaction of the PC. Then on advise from another forum, I took the PC apart only to find the heat-sink was not installed correctly causing the PC to shut-itself down and re-boot, therby preventing the CPU from being 'toasted'.

...thought I'd drop this piece of info just in case....

  hooperman4 16:10 08 Sep 2003

Hmmm some food for thought tonight. The PC is a self build that has cuased no problems since built and upgraded, it has been running fine now for the last 7 months. I really do not know where to start looking. I can eliminate some areas but I honestly think it is hardware problem somewere. The lock up comes around the windows start up screen so the drivers that are being loaded there could be the problem... I think...now where is that hammer.....

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