PC locks up!!

  WalkerGames 18:47 20 Dec 2014

PC has been locking up and occasionally auto rebooting or BSOD'ing. Okay so I will list absolutely everything I know about my PC and it's issues. Everything I have tested and learned since this started happening. Things I've ruled out and things that it may be. *I have tested RAM, fine *I have looked in my startup folder, empty *replaced PSU, twice *brought it to friend's house 3 separate times and left it there for days each time, worked perfect there. Even with every piece of my setup including the extension cord I use at my house. *Swapped GPU's, same issues *CPU temps are usually low and are not causing the lockups * getting normal voltage readings on my motherboard software *All Bios and Drivers are 100% up to date * plugged PC in in almost every outlet in my house, all do the same. * Voltage and wattage does not dip or spike before, during or after a lockup as I checked with multi-meter and watt meter * Lockups NEVER happen when running games for awhile. * tends to lockup browsing the internet or shorty after starting up Steam. *Will Not lock up on safety mode or safety mode with networking * It can lockup using 30W or 150W, seems to not matter how much power I'm using. * keeping fans on low decreases the frequency of my lockups * occasional auto-reboots or BSOD's * Graphics drivers occasionally do not load following an auto reboot or BSOD, sometimes games uninstall as well * Seems to be the hotter the PC gets, the longer it will run until a crash. * DxDiag showed no problems with anything as I posted above. *Eventviewer does not show any critical or error events around the times of lockups *only differences between my friend's house where it works and my house where it does not are the ethernet cable, houses power and the environment itself. *tested PC without internet connection, still locked up. *Ran 2 different virus and malware scans, nothing wrong in that department. This is all I know, What else can possibly be causing it to lockup? anything. Throw anything it can be at me, weird things, unorthadox things, things that are almost unheard of. I need this fixed, I have been without a fully functional PC for too long. Let's please solve this now. I'm gonna miss the steam sale. I cannot let Gaben down!

  Ian in Northampton 19:07 20 Dec 2014

Forgetting for a while that the PC works fine anywhere except your home, the only thought that occurred to me when you said that, the longer it runs, the more stable it seems to be - I wonder if you have a hairline fracture of one of the soldered pathways on your motherboard that, when it's cool, comes apart slightly, causing the failure, but when it gets warm, the fracture 'mends itself'. But that diagnosis somewhat overlooks many of the other facts you mentioned - e.g. it should still do the same in safe mode. But you asked for weird/unorthodox things... :-)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:20 20 Dec 2014

You already have a thread running on this subject here starting another is not going to help but cause confusion.

  WalkerGames 17:09 22 Dec 2014

Yea, right now the main piece of evidence I feel is the heat issue. As I said, it only locks up when it is real cool. my buddies house where it works no matter what is really warm all the time. and I ran it in the room where they have their furnace lol. Two nights ago, I was gaming on my PC all night and afterwords managed to even upload a video. I then put my PC to sleep. When I woke it up in the morning, it locked up almost immediately.

  Ian in Northampton 19:43 22 Dec 2014

I wonder if that confirms my diagnosis? Unfortunately, short of changing out the motherboard, there's no way of verifying it (or not).

  WalkerGames 00:13 23 Dec 2014

I went to a Pc repair shop today because i was in town and thought I could ask someone about it. he said that it may be a failing mechanical drive. I have my drivers and OS on a SSD and my games and files on my HDD. could it be that my HDD is faulty. He also said it may help to reaplly the thermal paste to my CPU and make sure it is sitted properly. does this sound logical?

  rdave13 07:32 23 Dec 2014

I'd go along with Ian in Northampton 's thinking but connections instead of a fracture on the motherboard. Check ram and GPU seated correctly and also check the Sata cables. I always preferred the clipped versions. example only.

  WalkerGames 00:48 24 Dec 2014

no problems in device manager

  rdave13 01:44 24 Dec 2014

It wouldn't have when everything is connected ok. It's when the connection fails you get the problem. Wouldn't you think so? Or am I missing something?

  WalkerGames 21:54 27 Dec 2014

I have a small heater next to my PC. as long as I have it blowing on my PC, it will never lock up....this is so weird. what parts can cause something weird like this. usually heat causes issues but in my case the lack of heat causees lockups. This makes sense because my PC started having these problems as the year got colder. Built it in Aug and this began happening in mid Sep.

  Phoenix40 21:45 28 Dec 2014

Hello i have a similar problem on and off. I found when the screen freezes its usually what you might have downloaded recently especially games affecting the registry folder. When it starts doing this too often i uninstall the game and start again, otherwise i use CCleaner to cleanout the files first then clear the registry folder and fix the files there. Then finally i use Auslogic to defragment any damage files on the hardrive. It usually works for quite a while unless something you might have downloaded from the internet interferes on your computer. Its best not to have too many games on your computer depending on the age and capability of your computer it can affect the registry folder i notice. It also helps to use an antimaleware software to scan your hardrive once a week at the most. Using a small fan wont stop this it only works if the graphic card over heats which usually causes a screen blackout. In the summer i found the fan works quite well even when you play big games. Also downloading graphic card drivers only partly helps. Usually if you have a problem there is when you play a more up to date game and it crashes straight away as you load up the game and it usually comes up with a exe file error problems. Thats when you might need to update your drivers to the next level. The trouble is you might not be able to play the older games you have they wont load up because of something called physX out of date. Hope this helps thanks.

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