PC locked - no signal to monitor

  parttime 19:53 20 Apr 2003

PC locks with no signal to monitor - intermitant fault. PC boots and works O.K. nextday! Suspect faulty on-board graphics/motherboard. Any ideas/cost effective solution? I have reinstalled windows - probably unecessarily!

  Joe McG 19:58 20 Apr 2003

it may be that the refresh rate is too high for the monitor. Have you tried turning it down a notch?.

  slaveofconvention 20:00 20 Apr 2003

You need to delve into your PC... have a look for an AGP slot - more motherboards with onboard graphics are now coming with them - its almost always a brown slot, the same length as a white PCI slot (of which you will probably have 2-6) but set a little further from the back of the PC.
If you have one, you can get an AGP graphics card from almost any Computer shop, from as little as £25 (and up to £300 and more). If you don't, don't panic, as long as one of the white PCI slots is available, you can get a PCI graphics card... These tend to be a litte more expensive, a little less powerful, a little slower, and a little harder to find, but its technically the last generation of graphics cards. New, expect to pay around £60 for something like a Geforce2 based card - almost certainly more powerful than the onboard graphics solution you use at the moment.

One word of warning tho, while some BIOS will detect the card and turn off the onboard, and some will automatically use the card as the primary, its always worth a peek to make sure it is turned off - especially as you could have up to 64MB of system memory being acquired by the onboard graphics system.

  DieSse 00:10 21 Apr 2003

This isn't when coming out of standby, orfrom a screenaver? - if it is, disable power saving for the monitor in the control panel.

Also check the plugs and sockets for the monitor cable - take them (or it) out and push it back in again - do up any screws - snug but not too tight.

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