PC & Laptop won't Talk to Each Other :(

  Wirral Bagpuss 18:29 27 May 2003

i am at my wits end over this one. i have a Toshiab Satellite 1300 which i only bought last week and enjoy it very much. However i would like to transfer all my stuff on the PC to the laptop for use "on the road". I bought a USB cable from Computer World today and with great anticipation set it all up on both PC and laptop. They are STILL not talking to each other!! WAAAAAH!!. The programme is PC Linq. Installing on PC was not a problem. Toshiab threw a wobbly and said software was not tested by Mr Gates so my crash my laptop. Installed it anyway, but no joy in linking. What advice can anyone give me? :(

  davo306 18:44 27 May 2003

why u using usb?

usb has onyl caused problems with me m8,

if ur geting wobblys then use a normal cat 5cable crosswired, so they are networked together make sure the workgroup is sameand ip addresses are similar like :

laptop :
pc :

subnet masks :

then share both hard drives and to connect to each other just click network neighbourhood, and click workgroup.

or from laptop type in your internet explorere :

and the sahred hard drive will appear, map it by right clicking and u have talking between both pc's


  Wirral Bagpuss 20:47 27 May 2003

I had not connected to the USB port on laptop Doh!!. I did the file transfer bit, but it has not made a blinding bit of difference to the laptop settings, what is going on?

  davo306 22:27 27 May 2003

in what way?

  davidg_richmond 02:29 28 May 2003

Wirral, glad to hear again that you are having fun with your new laptop! ;)

The best way to link up two PCs is with networking, as davo306 describes. Your Toshiba has an inbuilt networking port, allowing you to connect to the desktop through 'ethernet' networking (as long as you have a 'network'/'NIC'/'Ethernet card' on your PC, don't worry they are all the same thing). If you don't have this card on your PC it is available on the high street for about £10 - 'Belkin PCI Ethernet card'.

Connecting two PCs with USB is a complicated affair, it is best not to use this method to be honest, ethernet is celebrating its 30th year and is the most stable method for connection.

Once you have a network card in your home PC, connect the two using an ethernet cable (it gets called 'cat 5 patch cable' or just 'cross-over network cable'). The Toshiba has Windows XP, go into Control Panel and Networking, and set up a new connection. Follow the on-screen instructions carefully and let it finish. On the other computer, if you have Windows 98, follow the instructions for creating a network connection that came with the network card. If you have ME or XP on the desktop, go into the Home Networking Wizard in Accessories/Communications and follow the instructions. By the way, you can share your internet connection on the laptop while they're connected if you're interested.

Once this is all done, it doesn't have to be done again (phew!). You can transfer all your files across by going into My Network Places (or Network Neighborhood on Win98) and drag n drop the files, or use cut and paste.

Just post back for help if you have questions or problems!

  Lozzy 08:06 28 May 2003

The simple way to network. Try these links click here or click here then once you have done that to see if it works use this link click here

  anchor 09:23 28 May 2003

I use PC Linq without problem to connected my Toshiba Satellite notebook and my PC via USB. I first installed the drivers, then plugged in the cable. Both computers found a new device, and the drivers were installed. After a re-boot, No difficulty at all. It works with any versions of Windows after Win95.

I wonder if you have the correct cable, does it look like this?

click here
click here

  anchor 09:45 28 May 2003

I have just been to the makers web site in Taiwan and found that new drivers were released this March; version 1.642. Go here and do a search:

click here

The site is painfully slow!.

I have used version 1.60 without problem.

  imarcus2 22:10 28 May 2003


Watched this correspondence with interest, having a Dell Latitude on XP, and had upgraded my desktop to Win2000 from W98.

Ethernret connection physically made [easy], but couldn't figure how to get filesharing etc to take place. Tried many of the wizards, but usually floored by gobbledegook, Bill gates seems determined that everybody should do it via the net!

In the end, I gave in, and upgraded w2000 to WXP on the desktop. In a trice, the network wizard deployed the WXP CD in both desktop and laptop, and bingo -- it's all communicating every where!

Downside of course is WXP's lack of detail displayed in terms of IP and protocols.

cheers, imarcus

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