PC, Laptop or Tablet to Replace old Desktop PC

  MRaff74 15:22 30 Dec 2012


I need to replace an old home PC, and am unsure what to replace it with.

I currently have a work laptop and home desktop PC running off a wireless hub. The work laptop is only any good for email and excel type apps and is pretty rubbish for surfing the web as work have very strict restrictions in pl;ace (eg no streaming content). The home pc is old and slow, and is used for email, general web and streaming content, a little excel (home accounts), photos and very light gaming (just solitaire type games for the kids).

My wife uses the pc more than I do, and likes to have a 'proper' keyboard, mouse and monitor, and would therefore like to stick with a desktop. However, when I do use it, I would rather have something more mobile so I can use it whilst watching tv on the sofa rather than having to sit in the other room.

So, should I go for a laptop and just plug in all the periferals, or buy a docking station. If so, what model should I go for (I've been looking at the Levono G580 which was recommended to me, but I don't know if this is over / under spec for my needs).

Or, should I go for a tablet which I know very little about? If so, can I plug all the periferals in for my wife and do everything that I want to on it. Or would I also need a desktop / laptop?

Just to confuse things further - should I get something with Windows 8, and given that this is essentially touch screen does this mean that I should go for a tablet to avoid my set up being obselete in a couple of years?

Any help would be much appreciated - I've been researching all day and don'y feel that I am any further forward!

Many thanks


  difarn 15:47 30 Dec 2012

I would go for a desktop every time unless you need complete portability. A desktop,and its peripherals, can be more easily upgraded/repaired/ than a laptop/tablet and is much more robust if having a lot of use. If you are a touch-typist then having a proper key board, mouse and monitor is much better.

Personally I would not want a touchscreen on my main desktop PC for the main reason that it would be very tiring reaching up to operate it and not very comfortable if you have a large screen that is quite close to you. You can of course opt to have a mouse and a regular keyboard but this defeats the object - I think touchscreens are best reserved for tablets.

If you have to plug in peripherals to whatever you buy then portability is impaired anyway.

Just a question - why would you want to watch tv and use your laptop at the same time? Maybe you need more than one PC?

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