PC to landline calls

  Rik-Boland 16:31 18 May 2005

In a few months I am getting married and my dearest is a little bit of a phone freak. Her pasrents like mine live in another county and she phones them reguly also we dial mobile phones most often and the phone bill is stupid - not wanting to make her cutr down the phone bill I am wanting to find cheap ways to allow her to call people. We have gone to varied other companies but they are hardly any cheaper if it all so with my updating the PC and making it into a media hub I wonderd if any one could suggest anyways I could use my PC to make cheap calls and keep her happy!

Thx and Shalom


  Hamish 16:39 18 May 2005

Try Skype at click here or Yahoo. Also try typing VOIP into a search site, such as Google

  amonra 16:43 18 May 2005

try 1899.com excellent.

  handful 17:33 18 May 2005

or 18866.co.uk
click here# who are even cheaper for a lot of countries

  pat-212841 18:02 18 May 2005

I use 1899 no monthly charge very cheap international calls its 3p connection but i think 1866 is 1p connection .

  EARLR 15:07 19 May 2005

I live in Spain and use skype to call Ireland and California.Calls to land lines in the U.S.A. are clear as a bell(no pun intended).Calls to Ireland have a little echo. However calls to moblies in Ireland are more expencive and have a lot of echo.

good luck with your marrage and your choice of VOIP.

  DieSse 16:17 19 May 2005

I also live in Spain and use PhoneGaim

I get 5 FREE 5 minute calls per day to regular phones, almost anywhere in the world. If I care to set up an account, calls are at low international rates. At present there is a special offer of UNLIMITED calls to Australia

click here .com

Unlike Skype and some others, SipPhone uses open standards for VoIP, rather than proprietary ones - which gives more flexibility for calling users pn other systems.

  DieSse 16:19 19 May 2005

PS - "regular phones" also includes mobiles in the USA and China (don't ask, I don't know why China!)

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