DJfree33 17:45 29 Aug 2008

Hi all,

I am posting this for a friend who is having problems with his pc,
when the pc is running in windows all seems to be fine, but when he starts playing games, online and off line he gets alot of lagging in game and has a buzzing noise coming from speakers, we also tried playing a music cd and also the speakers buzzed then. We tried head phones to make sure speakers were ok and still had the buzzing noise.
Thinking the onboard sound card might be faulty we installed another sound card made sure all drivers were up to date but still had same issues.
All was fine with the pc until he installed vista but then went back to xp as he thought vista was the problem, and also the pc was moved when the was decorated and this was first time gaming again since he set up again. we have checked all leads and cards are fitted ok, and now are lost for ideas.
Any help would be great. Thanks Dave

Winfast motherboard-model 6150K8MD,
AMD 64 4200 X2,
ATI 1950 pcie pro 515mb
Realtec soundcard,
700w power supply.

  GaT7 18:41 29 Aug 2008

What other sound card did he try? If it's a certain Creative one, he could try the kX Project drivers click here. Idea got from this lag/buzz gaming problem with WoW click here. G

  DJfree33 19:01 29 Aug 2008

I think it was the realtec soundcard that he tried, not sure what the onboard on sound is

  woodchip 19:11 29 Aug 2008

What is the ISP download speed that you get?

  DJfree33 19:20 29 Aug 2008

my down load speed is aroud 2mb

  DJfree33 22:43 29 Aug 2008

Anyone else got any ideas, someone said it could be caused by a bad install of xp or drivers

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