PC kicks out loads of dust,

  fitzy- 2nd 16:10 10 May 2005


This is probably the most silliest question posted on PCA, but here gos.

I have a new PC, and it kicks out loads of dust,
my old Packard Bell you to do the same , but nothing on this

Would anything be wrong with it.


  fitzy- 2nd 16:16 10 May 2005


Please Forgive my spelling, i mean used, and not

  Total Care Support 16:29 10 May 2005

Hi fitzy- 2nd

first question is where is the dust blowing out from? directly the fans or our of the side vents away from the fans?

where are you keeping it? as in is it near a wall or a carpet that has not been vac'ed for a bit? could it be sucking dusk into it to blow it back out?

is there a front fan sucking in and a back fan blowing out?

was it bought from a retailer where it could have been sat on a shelf for a bit?

if you will not void your warranty take the side off and have a look, you may also consider using a small canister of compressed air to blow (gently the dust out) STRESSING THE GENTLE use only a canaster that has been designed for use with a PC.

is it doing it all the time? or only the first time you turned it on? if all the time it would seem strange as it should clear itself within a few minutes of the fan being on anythign within reach of the fan, so if it still doing it you may want to consider its location.

for example the PSU fan may be blowing out and the case fan below it sucking air into the case creating a small circular current of air that would then led to it sucking any dust off the wall behind it into the machine and blowing it back out?

best regards


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