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pc keeps turning off and getting worse

  stroilep 09:06 13 Apr 2016

I have recently assembled a new system and it was working fine until a week ago i noticed that sometimes when i am not at the system it had restarted and now its getting worse. It turns off and turns back on with a very little gap sometimes hours sometimes just after i turn it back on after the shutdown (it turns off immediately without any warning or shutting down screen). When it turns off, the pcs power turns back on like as if it restarts but nothing would happen, even after holding the power button to force shutdown and then turn back on it wont start but twice or so it loaded up till the boot menue i guess but thwn it would go blank. i would have to cut the power and turn the power back on so that it turns on. It happens when i watch video and even when i play games also while the pc is idling. Few days ago before it was this worse when i was using my system, a bluescreen appeared and it said critical process died or something like that..

My system spec is:

Asus Z170 pro gaming Intel core i7 6700 3.4GHz Power supply Cooler master 600w Asus GTX960 2GB black Kingston HX426C15FB Hyperx 8gb x2 Cpu cooler fan cooler master 120v

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:30 13 Apr 2016

Run Bluescreen view post the results back on this page. Its possibly a bad driver

1]: [click here

  TheWarmCrayon 11:57 13 Apr 2016

That's the point, there is no bluescreen it just loops the asus startup screen (wherein if you press f2 you can start bios) if i don't, then it tries to continue, after-which it will just go straight back to the asus startup screen. i physically cannot use that computer for anything as it wont actually boot, so how im supposed to find the file is beyond me.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:04 13 Apr 2016
  1. reset bios to default settings

  2. remove and refit the hard drive

  3. see if it will now boot.

  TheWarmCrayon 12:36 13 Apr 2016

Tried this, with no success.

  TheWarmCrayon 12:37 13 Apr 2016

Disregard what was said by myself, for whatever reason, i was redirected to the wrong thread

  stroilep 13:01 13 Apr 2016

here is it, and when I checked event viewer if it helps..

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:22 13 Apr 2016

have a read click here

  stroilep 15:02 13 Apr 2016

It doesn't help.. the one that shows from event viewer keeps happening.. theres not been bluescreens since 10th.. but this "Kernel-power" critical event is happening.. 25 total last 7 days.. 8 in the last 24hrs.. still keeps happening.. i guess its something to do with a hardware like psu or motherboard or anything?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:48 13 Apr 2016

Its not hardware - 9 times out of 10 its a conflicting driver.

check in device manger if you have two drivers for the same equipment - such as Audio drives ATI Hi def Audio and VIA hi def audio

if you find then disable one of the drivers in turn and see if that solves the problem

  stroilep 16:20 13 Apr 2016

could this be?

and should I be concerned about ones like keyboard and others that have repeated ones?(I guess not)

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