P.C keeps stopping on boot

  SQLboy 15:42 20 Aug 2003

I am using Win98 and on numerous occasions when I switch my P.C on it goes through boot up to a point where I have desk top showing but as the computer is bringing up the task bar(bottom right) it'll bring up a few quick clicks but then just stops, I thought it maybe a problem with one of the programs ie..scanner, logitech wingman profiler, the time button but it happens in different places. somtimes before the task bar, somtimes in the middle, and I have to switch off and start again. When I start again sometimes it happens or not please help............SQLboy

  Bodi 16:23 20 Aug 2003

that you have something in your startup files that is causing the problem.

Boot in safe mode and remove the tick beside KNOWN programs, ie. Creative files, etc. Don't disable anything from startup that you don't know about.

Reboot, and add the removed programs one by one, rebooting Windows each time you do so. This way you should find out what it is that is causing you the problem.


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