PC keeps revving up

  Edtheshed 21:47 02 Dec 2008

My PC keeps on revving up and then stopping. Is it simply overheating i.e the fan is what I hear or could it be something else. It is more pronounced when I use Media player or similar video program.



  MAT ALAN 21:57 02 Dec 2008

Not sure if i am on right track but it sounds like your optical drive may be struggling to read disc's...

you could try a drive cleaner...

  Halmer 07:59 03 Dec 2008

but you could check that vents on the side of the case to see if they are blocked.

Further, take the side off the case to see if there is a build up of dust on the components.

  Edtheshed 23:40 03 Dec 2008

Thanks Mat Alan and Halmer.

I'll try these suggestions when I get back after the weekend and see wht happens.


  Edtheshed 23:51 09 Dec 2008

Thanks but neither helped, I have tried a fan to cool it down this makes no difference. Mat, when you say a "Drive cleaner" I assume you mean cleaning the files, as opposed to physical cleaning. i.e I used parentologic free download as this was recomended as a good disc cleaner.


  DieSse 00:01 10 Dec 2008

"I assume you mean cleaning the files, as opposed to physical cleaning."

No - he meant a physical cleaning, using a special CD cleaner disk.

However - if you have no optical disks in the drive(s), and you still get the noise - then it absolutely won't be the optical drive(s).

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