PC keeps restarting in loop

  sp432 11:57 14 Aug 2008

After reading 'Removing McAfee' in the Helproom, I followed the thread dated 23/11/07 between Hugo15 and Skidzy. I removed McaFee successfully, and used CCleaner, and wanted to replace McAfee with

Avast4 antivirus
Comodo Firewall

After install of Avast4 the PC booted ok, then I ran and insalled Comodo. I then turned back on the router to connect to the internet, turned the PC back on and after going through the POST and seeing the Windows logo the PC restarted and continued just doing this untill I turned it off at the wall. I could not get into Windows at all.
I have Windows XP SP2.
I think I either did wrong by letting CCleaner delete things or else Comodo could be causing problem, but untill I can start PC I cannot do anything. Any suggestions?

  GEEKSTA 12:19 14 Aug 2008

I think i had this problem.

During the restarting process, do you see a blue screen with writing on it flash for about half a second at any time??

If you do, you need to 'disable restart after boot up failure' - (its called something along the line of that).

To do this you need to press one of F keys, which will take you to the 'Advanced menu options' -(its called something along the line of that).

During start up, you will be shown what keys to press, (this will be a normal screen just as if your pc would be working) - And as far as i can remember its F12.

When you get to the options where 'disable restart after boot up failure' will be, and once selected that, it will basically stop restating and stop at the blue screen where the error codes and stuff will be displayed and then further investgation can be taken place.

Any questions just ask.

Oh and before you try that, have you tried removing what ever you recently installed through safe mode??

  Technotiger 12:57 14 Aug 2008
  sp432 13:25 14 Aug 2008

Thank you for your reply. No I am not getting the blue screen flash. I have just put the PC on to check, this time I got a message on the first screen which said

'The system was not correctly shut down and now working in safe mode speed, press 'DEL' to BIOS setup table to set correct CPU speed'

I went into BIOS and Hardware Monitor which shows

CPU temp jumping between 26C and 48C,
CPU fan speed 5037 RPM
Chassis fan speed 0 RPM
Power 0 RPM

I don't know what to do about that.
So I did exit and save hoping that it may power up, it did not, it showed the Windows logo with the blue bar moving, then a black screen which it usually does whilst loading then just starts to boot up from the beginning. I can only turn off the power at the wall, which is not good for the PC.

I am going to try the suggestion from Technotiger now, if possible.

  sp432 14:02 14 Aug 2008

Hello Technotiger
thank you for your help, I followed your advice and the machine is now running in Last Known Good Configuration. Now, do I go back to a restore point or just uninstall the programs Avast4 and Comodo, also what will happen if I turn off the PC? please advise

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