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PC keeps restarting and hangs on mobo logo.

  MNi 08:38 07 Jan 2020

Hi all, recently I just finished my first PC build. It went well at first as I was able to install Windows 10 to my SSD, via USB, and installed Steam and played a bit of CSGO. After that, I went into Windows Update and downloaded all the updates available and restarted. When that finished, I downloaded the latest NVIDIA drivers and restarted.

Thats when the problem began. I was browsing the web when the PC suddenly restarted. At first I wasn't that worried as it went straight to my Windows Login, so I log in but after a couple of minutes it restarted again. This time it couldn't get past the ASUS logo with the loading dots frozen.

I removed the SSD and performed a full wipe using Disk Manager (and checked the status of the SSD through Samsung Magician) and got a new Windows 10 creation tool from the official site onto my USB. So I tried to install Windows 10 to my SSD again but the moment the installer program loads it does a quick restart back to the BIOS UEFI screen. If I dont press DEL or F2 and let it continue it can't load the USB and hangs on the loading dots. I've restarted many times for it to go like this. First 2 times it'll load the installer program then restart as I choose the language/ product key of Windows 10 and on the 3rd time restart it hangs on the loading dots.

I don't really know what to at this point, if anyone could help identify and fix the issue(s) I would be forever grateful.

My specs: ASUS PRIME B450-PLUS Motherboard (latest Bios version 2008 and Ryzen 3000 update)

Ryzen 5 3600 CPU

GT 1030 GPU

2x8gb G Skill Ripjaws V 3000mhz


Corsair 100R ATX Case

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