PC keeps restarting

  Gedrog 13:32 14 Aug 2003

Hope someone can help I have got a AsusA7N8x rev1.6 with a XP2700 processor and 1gig of ddr333 ram. OS Win XP Panasonic dvd r. Samsung cdr Saphire ultimate radeon 9700 pro vid. Up until recently all worked fine. Then one day whilst I was playing online game Vietcong Patch 1.3. The PC reset and since then I have being unable to load up windows XP. It starts off normally and then halts. I tried running it in safe mode but it loads up to ...win32\Drivers\Mup.sys
Then it resets and start all over again. I have tried reinstalling win xp It loads all the setup files and then it says starting windows setup and there it just hangs.
Any ideas would be wellcome.

  The Transporter 13:37 14 Aug 2003

Did you try and do a recovery when you reinstalled it?

Try this

When you start the pc up keep your finger on F8. press the key on your keyboard, turn the pc on then after a few seconds you will be presented with many options. Select the run operating system at last known good configuration.

Try that.

Also if you can try to boot up into dos and then type without speech marks

"scanreg /restore"

there is a space between the g and the /

then select the oldest of the five options presented to you.

if it doesnt work please post back

  hugh-265156 13:43 14 Aug 2003

could be the master boot record is wonky.

use a boot disc and at the dos prompt type:

fdisk /mbr and hit enter

this will restore it.

  BillEmm 13:46 14 Aug 2003

Seriously, there have been many reports of similar syptoms in the last week - most due to PCs overheating - or more to the point: CPUs & PSUs.

You have a lot of heat generating components there Gedrog and maybe you should keep a check on the temperatures of your motherboard and CPU. Also make sure you have an adequate PSU for all these 'power' components.

Just a thought.


  Gedrog 14:00 14 Aug 2003

I must admit had a heat problem on the day when the first probs started. Restored my heatpipe with Coolermasrter HVAC very good heatsink.
PSU is a 480 watt Trueblue dont think power is a prob tried different power suply different hard drive. Different cd rom. But to no avail she fails to install XP on new hard drive.
Transporter I am in the options menu
Safe mode ectwich option do i select to get to dos

  Gedrog 14:15 14 Aug 2003

Above not working getting to the big windows XP logo and it hangs
Tried the registry restore option no go.
How do I boot up in dos

  Gedrog 14:19 14 Aug 2003

Guys any help will be grat on this one

  hugh-265156 14:22 14 Aug 2003

i use the 98se oem bootdisc as i dont have a full copy of windows,only a restore disc.if you have a full copy of windows on cd then you can use this. click here it works with xp ok and has all the tools on it.

  The Transporter 14:26 14 Aug 2003

If your hard drive is FAT32

put a floppy disk in the a: drive.

then click on "My Computer" right click on the A: drive and click "Format".

Leave all the things as standard but at the bottom tick the box "Create an MSDOS start up disk". then click ok and let it create a boot disk.

Then reboot the pc with the disk in the machine. ANd in the bios (If it isn't already) make the floppy as the first boot device.

Then after a while it will boot to an a:> prompt.

then type c:

then type the above scanreg command.

If you have NTFS

DO the above but dont tick the “Create an MS-DOS start-up disk” option!

To create an NTFS start-up diskette in Windows XP:

Right-click the Drive A: icon

Choose Format

Click Start

Copy the NTLDR and the NTDETECT.COM files from the \I386 folder on the Windows XP Setup CD-ROM or from the root folder of a working computer running the same version of Windows XP.

Create a BOOT.INI file or copy one from a computer that is running Windows XP and then modify it to match the computer on which you’ll use it

If they exist, copy BOOTSECT.DOS and NTBOOTDD.SYS from the XP hard drive to the diskette

hope it helps.


  hugh-265156 14:32 14 Aug 2003

the 98 disk has all the tools on it already and works with xp,i used it myself.

a lot less hastle.

  Gedrog 14:32 14 Aug 2003

I have win98se on the one pc wich I am now using to converse with u all and the other one is XP.
I have tried to download the bootupdisk as above but its too big for a floppy Or am i reading it incorrectly. And the file system unfortunatly is NTFS

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