pc keeps reseting itself

  scholesboy 21:16 06 Apr 2005

my pc keeps reseting itself eveery now and then, does anyone have any advice on how to get to the bottom of this problem

  Jak_1 21:21 06 Apr 2005

More details would help. What os and do you mean re-booting.

Sounds like it could be a virus such as the Blaster worm.

Make sure your av is up to date, boot the pc in safe mode and then run av.

  Kev.Ifty 21:26 06 Apr 2005

Here is a Small problem with a large number of possible causes.

What are you doing when the PC resets?
May be its your CD/DVD Drive.. or It could be over heating causing the CPU to drop out.

Is the PC switching off completely and restarting automatically or do you restart manually?

Try to find a pattern and i am sure one of our 'experts' will hit it on the head..... ;-)


  scholesboy 10:30 07 Apr 2005

it only happens every now and then im using windows xp home , and athlon 2600+ cpu, radeon 9600 pro atlantis graphics card, msi K7N2G mboard,onboard sound

  Noswad 06:30 31 Aug 2005

My Spare PC suffers from the same Intermittent problem. I'm sure it started when I was running Me and continued on into XP. Ive tried a different PS and it still did it. It does seem as though it happens during heavy graphics requirements (eg in the middle of Tiger Woods or during Video editing) but I think i remember it happening while the system was idle. Ive monitored temps before and they seemed ok. Im running an AMD Athlon XP, 1813 MHz in a Soltek sl-75DRV5 (VIA Apollo KT333 series) motherboard with 512Mb mem and an nVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 video card.
I've reinstalled OS a couple of times but still the problem exists.

Any more input anyone

  Al94 08:14 31 Aug 2005

Have a look here click here

  Funkey 10:18 31 Aug 2005

My guess is possible faulty ram....however...

Do you get any warning messages prior to reboot?

Have you tried unplugging ALL peripherals and usb devices and trying your pc out that way?

If you are not going to invalidate any warranty and you are ok to do it...it might be worth checking how many RAM strips are in your computer and remove one of them. If problem persists put it back and remove the other one. With one strip left in the machine move it to another slot and try it again.

If say, strip "A" is giving the problem in slot "A" but not slot "B" then possible slot problem on your motherboard.

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