PC keeps making a growling noise randomly

  Crazy Toad 13:09 27 Nov 2007

It doesnt happen all the time and its coming through the speakers its not and internal noise.

Here is a clip of what Im talking about click here

Any help would be appreciated

  Crazy Toad 13:21 27 Nov 2007

Actually I dont think that link was working,this should work though click here

  Technotiger 13:56 27 Nov 2007

Sounded more like the hiss of a snake to me! Can't imagine what it is though.

  Ex plorer 14:21 27 Nov 2007

The first noise on the clip sounds like some one taking a breath in and blowing over a mike? and repeated without the breathing in.
May-be its the fans check that they are not touching any thing or full of dust.
Has your PC plenty of space around it so it can keep cool.
Strange my dog didn't like it, it barked.

  Crazy Toad 14:25 27 Nov 2007

Its definately not the fans I mean I had an accident when I put the door back on once and the wires were catching in the fan,the sound was a lot more unpleasant than that!
Also the PC has plenty of space.

  Ex plorer 14:33 27 Nov 2007

Just a thought I have a camera mike for Skype in front of me sitting on the PC, its only a foot away and now with the volume up if I take a deep breath in and sigh out I can hear it in my speakers which are just behind me.
I usualy use head phones but using the Camera/Mike I have to alter the sound settings and I get this afect its mor like a PA system.

  Crazy Toad 14:47 27 Nov 2007

Good suggestion but there is no heavy breathing going on,its not me doing it and besides it sounds exactly the same every time

  Ex plorer 15:27 27 Nov 2007

Is it a separate sound card or is it on board, if its on a card make sure its fully seated.
do you have a front panel connection wheres you can plug the speakers into and dose the noise still persist.
When playing music can you here the noise above the music.
I suppose you could just turn the speakers off but that wont fix the problem.

  Crazy Toad 15:53 27 Nov 2007

I have two sound cards a emu 0404 which stopped working but when it did work it did it with that,yesterday I bought an M-audio mobile pre usb and its still doing it.For the speakers im just using the monitor's speakers but it happens with any speakers I use.
Yes I found the only way to get rid of it was to turn the sound off.I mean Im using my speakers now and its not doing it but it could start again whenever it pleases.

  Ex plorer 17:15 27 Nov 2007

As I am not an electrician this is a bit of a stab in the dark, could it be a surge of electricity that's doing this. If you don't have a surge protector it may be an idea to get one, and if you have one as far as I know they do need to be changed periodically as nothing lasts for ever.
I will stand to be corrected on this by other more experienced users of this site.
Back in the morning.

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