Pc Keeps freezing and won't restart properley

  Never again 20:04 19 Sep 2003


I am running a p3 800, 512 mb, on windows me. my norton av is up to date as are my windows updates.

My pc freezes for no apparent reason and whilst me and the kids are running different programs.

The pc has slowed down considerably.

When it freezes it will not restart with cntl-alt-del and I have to turn off the power.

On estart scandisk will not complete and I have to cancel it. it willnot complete due to disk write in windows either although I only have scandisk, explorer and systray running.

I dont understand whats happenning !!!

Please help me..................

  spikeychris 20:12 19 Sep 2003

Could be all-sorts. Why not install ME over the top of itself. If you have IE6 you will have to un-install it though.

  Never again 20:16 19 Sep 2003

hi spikeychris

so do you think that one of my windows files could have been corrupted?

it seems a bit extreme to have to uninstall ie6 and do all my windows updates again?

surely, there must be an easier way..........ps and I didn'y call call you shirley either.

  Jomi 20:26 19 Sep 2003

Have you tried running scandisk while in safe mode?

You can always restore to an earlier date too, if there's a restore point before your troubles started.
I disliked windows ME for the same reason - always freezing and having to turn the power off at the mains to get things going again.

  spikeychris 20:29 19 Sep 2003

It is a bit OTT I agree. Try running scandisk in safe mode as Jomi says..shirley :o)

  Never again 21:44 19 Sep 2003

Sorry about my typos.

When I tried to run it in safe mode the pc didn't even load windows and froze on a black screen. I had to turn the power off and go and eat my colf take away curry.

I didn't realise my pc was so sick. (or me so sad)

incidentally, i recently downloaded pop up stopper as advised on a previous thread and this keeps changing my internet home page - do you think that this could be related????

I always used to suspect that my kids were doing something to the pc to drive me mad but now i'm not so sure !!

  VoG II 22:44 19 Sep 2003

I think you've probably got a load of spyware on your 'puter. Use AdAware click here and/or Spybot click here to remove.

  Jomi 22:50 19 Sep 2003

Clear out your temporary internet files and cookies too. in IE go to tools/internet options and click on the general tab, delete cookies, delete files and all offline content.

You should also defrag your drive but I'm pretty sure you won't be able to until you've successfully ran scandisk.

  Never again 17:01 21 Sep 2003

Thanks "fellas"

I'm running spybot now - so i'll let you know later.

  Never again 07:50 08 Oct 2003

Thanks fellas - This initially solved the problem, but now its back again.

Windows will not finish starting in normal mode and just freezes before all the stuff is loaded in the system tray.

I have to turn power off and then restart in safe mode. After scandisk runs it finds no problems, but i've also rum norton disk doctor which fixed some lost clustes and invalid files. Ive run adaware and spybot in safe mode but these have not made any difference.

Is it time for a format and new installation of windows. I've had this pc for 5 years now and Its probably bloated. If so is it worth using my 40gb slave as a master?

  Jester2K II 08:00 08 Oct 2003

Try one more thing. Remove the side panel from the case and set up a desk fan blowing onto the hard drive.

See how long before it freezes again.

Had the same thing with my uncles PC. Removed spyware & 3 viruses - still no fix until i tried the fan. Then it was stable. When i removed the fan it took 2-3 minutes to freeze again.

In the end i installed a £4.50 hard drive cooler and it's never frozen since (touch wood)

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