PC Keeps Freezing & crashing

  Daz1981 11:41 04 May 2006


Over the past couple of weeks my PC has begun freezing/locking up and crashing. When freezing the only way to turn it of is to hold down the power off swith. It frezees at random points and on various programs which leads me to believe it may be something overheating but how do i go about finding out what it is. (Have noticed my PC is quite loud lately also could this be the HDD?)

In addition to this my PC is often crashing again very random. After sending an error report to MS the response is it is a driver conflict but no other help is available.

Operating system is windows XP

Any advice on how to go about diagnosing this/theese problem would be greatly appreciated.


  Taw® 16:55 04 May 2006

If you suspect overheating, take of the side case and see if it is very dusty. Observe fan/s and ensure they are working. With increased noise it is possible fan is not working properly,

  Trepan 19:54 04 May 2006

Have similar probs and the following might just help:

Conflict with my PCI wireless card (SWEEX 54MBPS) causing freezing. Solution, after discussing with the supplier, change the card so I fitted a Netgear card and that seemed to solve the problem. Then I started to have further probs of locking up and unable to shut down. After a long time and a new HD I did the following: START, Control panel, Administrative Tools, Event Viewer then opened up system file, this gives a complete list of what activities the computer has actioned and if you look for either a RED Warning icon or YELLOW icons and open up the file you should be able to see what is causing the problem. In my case the link to the help window suggested a cable fault between the HD and computer - new cable fitted and all seems to be fine.

Hope this is clear, me not being a techie and all that!

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