pc keeps freezing

  Fuggyfresh 16:20 11 Sep 2005

My Hp Pavilion t860.uk pc has experienced freezing on two occasions,even in safe mode. It becomes so bad sometimes that the pc doesn't get past the Hp blue screen. Even if it does, after a while, the mouse stops moving and it freezes up. The only way to turn it off then, is to hold in the start button. Prior to this happening on both occasions, the PC has suffered a serious fault,a hard drive fault.I therefore ran checkdisk and all was ok. I even downloaded and ran the Seagate diagnostics tool, and again hard drive was fine. The first time it happened, I unplugged the sata cable from the hd and switched it to another sata cable. The PC was fine for a month and a half, then again I got a serious hd fault and the same freezing a day later. I have again disconnected sata cable and swithched it around and so far ok.I am unsure as to why this is occuring. Could it be an ide problem? As I am relatively new to PC's I don't really have much of a clue.If anyone can help, please reply to this post. Thankyou! My full system specs are:Pentium 4 3.2gh, asus puffer 1.xx motherboard, 1gb of ddr-sdram,Leadtek 6600gt extreme graphics card(pci-express),Seagate hard drive(ST3200822AS),Hp dvd writer,samsung dvd rom. My operating system is Windows XP Home with service pack 2.

  User-312386 16:44 11 Sep 2005

1 do you have the latest MOBO drivers?

2 do you have the most up to date graphics card drivers?

  Fuggyfresh 17:17 11 Sep 2005

I have latest forceware driver,unsure about MOBO driver,motherboard I presume.

  User-312386 18:03 11 Sep 2005

yes MOBO=Motherboard

Did you carry out a clean install of the Graphics card drivers or install over the top?

  Fuggyfresh 18:08 11 Sep 2005

I did a clean install of driver,also unable to find any mobo driver updates for my mobo.I was also advised to repair registry, which I have done. The scan showed over 500 problems. Could this have been the freeze problem?

  User-312386 18:11 11 Sep 2005

'The scan showed over 500 problems'

What did you use to scan registry?

  Fuggyfresh 18:16 11 Sep 2005

I used a number of programs for the scan, RegscrubXP, Registery repair and Regmechanic. I have used first two to correct errors, but regmechanic showed the most, but you have to buy to correct all errors. The first two are showing no errors now

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