PC keeps dying?!?!?,

  SGTBlitz 15:02 26 Mar 2009

Hi there

My computer keeps dying and simply switching off, not shutting down just going off. Once it does this, to turn it on again I have to switch the power supply off for several minutes then switch the Power supply back on and then I can turn the PC on. It can stay on for a few hours but can also go off really quickly (like 30 mins).

It all started after I installed 2 sticks of 1gb (2gb total) of crucial memory into the motherboard. Since then its doen that, and when i connect my external hard drive (WD 160GB passport) it will go off even faster (maximum its been on when hard drive is connected is 10 minutes).

I have a 500W power supply, an asrock p4v88+ MB, 2.4ghz P4 processor, some old radeon 9000 and something graphics card, sound blaster audigy 2ZS, and 3gb of memory (2 x512 and 2 x 1gb).

Im suspecting its the power supply as the more power is drawn (ie from the external hard drive), the faster the PC goes off. Although this is just sheer intuition, I have no idea if i am right. Also i thought 500w was a lot of wattage, then again the power supply came with the case and is about 5 years old now.

I would really appreciate if someone could hep in this situation as its obstructing me from work and I am about to buy a new PSU and if that is not the problem, i would not like to waste money.

Thanks a lot

  wiz-king 15:11 26 Mar 2009

I would think power supply.

  I am Spartacus 15:44 26 Mar 2009

You could try the Microsoft Memory Diagnosics tool click here to rule out faulty RAM.

  VOT Productions 19:25 01 Apr 2009

What is your system.(example. Windows XP)

  alan2273 19:32 01 Apr 2009

Have you checked that the HSF is fully tightened down.

  citadel 21:25 01 Apr 2009

psu's that come with cases are normally cheap to keep costs down. you can't go wrong getting a decent psu with the 80% + logo, it will save you on your electricity bill and you can use it in your next pc.

  woodchip 23:00 01 Apr 2009

Yep Faulty PSU

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