PC keeps crashing with windows freezing

  erkmatrix 11:14 08 Jan 2009

I've been trying to update my pc to speed it up by uncluttering it, all worked great and seems faster however now it freezes by the windows and programs open stick and don't move or minimize anymore, its ok when I restart for a while but happens again. I thought it was because I upgraded to service pack 3 but when I system restored back to before I did that it still happens. Other software I've installed are Comodo, Avast, spywareblaster, superantispyware and also on a trial of iconpackager from stardock so it could be one of them also thats causeing the conflict.

Anyone have any ideas what to do. I'm on windows xp home.

  johndrew 12:07 08 Jan 2009

If you can identify a point where the problem started - for example when you installed some software - then uninstall the software. If during your `uncluttering` you changed settings it is going to be difficult to help unless we know what you changed.

I could be that you have installed a lot of security software which is conflicting. To try and find out if this is so, open Windows Task Manager and check the CPU usage to see which software packages are using most. You should see little activity normally with System Idle Process generally above 95%.

  erkmatrix 17:03 08 Jan 2009

Cheers Johndrew

I did what you said and started with the iconpackager took it off and it didn't do it all afternoon so must of been that having a conflict with something. I'll live without it.

Cheers again for the help

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