PC keeps crashing under WinXP Pro

  Fad 00:55 27 Sep 2003

My AMD Athlon 1.333 Ghz (266 FSB) on Abit KT7A-RAID motherboard is unstable when using a FSB of 133, but stable if the BIOS settings are changed to "underclock" the FSB to 100. This problem is under Win XP. It was fine and stable under Win 2000. Any idea why this is happening. Thanks

  rider 01:47 27 Sep 2003

Your crys for help, Sound just like me 2yrs-ago,
I was then, and still am using a AMD KG7-Raid M/Brd,
Its either a corrupt Bios Configeration u have,
or a compatability issue, Have u checked Abits
web site for a patch, But then they Tend to be slow in coming forward, Untill enough people
Complain, I don't tend to surf much, So am out
of touch with the different forums, which are about, but poss- some one here can point u in the
right direction sorry its not that much But might
give u some avenue to follow,-good luck

  rider 00:38 29 Sep 2003

try emailing ABIT WEB SITE, and explain your
Also do u have the M/boards instillation disks,
if not download them from ABIT, There help file-
is also there, it will explain in detail resetting your bios configeration, u will also require the flash Utility

  JIM 06:35 29 Sep 2003

Intresting article if simlar problems to you.

Benchmark Setup

Not all 133MHz FSB Socket-A boards are going to be able to run the Athlon XP. Let's get that out in the open right now. AthlonOC is reporting that AMD has stated that the Athlon XP is more "current sensitive" than previous models. It sort of brings back memories of the KX133 and the Slot-A Thunderbirds. Though, that chip was pretty scarce and not intended for the retail market. The problem with it and the KX133 was a timing issue. This issue will have more of an effect on upgraders and the general public. The first board I tried was my Abit KT7A-RAID (Rev. 1.0). The chip would post and boot to windows but lock soon after. If I downclocked the bus to 100MHz and ran the chip at 1050MHz, it would work. I tried flashing to the latest BIOS release and even to the (Rev. 1.3) BIOS but it did little to help the situation. I contacted Abit about the matter and they forwarded a company email to me.

Dear all,

The KT7, KT7-Raid, KT7E and KT7A/KT7A-Raid version 1.0/1.1/1.2 will NOT support Athlon XP processor. Only the KG7 series and KT7A/KT7A-Raid version 1.3 will support the new Athlon XP processors. User-define will recognize the processor speed, but will not show the microcode until ABIT-TW release the official BIOS. The BIOS update will be available in a week or two.

So, there you have it. Only Rev. 1.3 of this board will work. If you plan on making an Athlon XP purchase, I would first check out AMD's recommended motherboard list to see if your current board is supported. With that said, I moved on to an MSI board which did support the XP. The following is the test system used for the benchmarks.

click here

  Fad 20:20 29 Sep 2003


I know what are you saying regarding Athlon XP. KT7A V1.3 should accept it. I am talking about my CPU Athlon 1.333 Ghz (266 FSB) Thunderbird. My KT7A-RAID with the latest BIOS should support it. But it didn't. As I explained earlier if I use 100 FSB it works fine but crashes under 133 FSB.

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