Pc Keeps Crashing on Games

  slimbutfat 19:33 30 Dec 2015

I am a beginner in Pc usage. My Pc Specs are I7 6700k (Not overclocked) and a 980Ti running at 1080p 1920 etc

My Pc Keep Crashing on Games like Star Wars Battlefront which my computer for some reason seems to hate alot crashes range from a normal straight up crash to a crash asking for a Disk to be inserted into CD Drive (Digital Game) to a complete reboot.

GTA 5 seems to fair better and Dying light is a another one that has given me a normal Crash to a Blue Screen of Death.

Now the Pc is still under warranty and im geting close to just sending it back to Scan Anyway any help is really appreciated.

  [DELETED] 21:22 30 Dec 2015

As it's under warranty I would certainly contact Scan with your problems. Whatever suggestions they make ( such as cleaning out the dust accumulation inside) , follow their instructions to the letter and make sure it does not invalidate the rest of your warranty. If all fails then it will be RMA'd by them I should think.

  slimbutfat 10:05 31 Dec 2015

Thing is i wish I can look into the error log and try and understand the fault

  slimbutfat 16:55 02 Jan 2016

Sorry i cant look inside the minidump files like Scan has told me to i havent got the program to open the file

  [DELETED] 17:31 02 Jan 2016
  slimbutfat 21:32 02 Jan 2016

Honestly beginner here lol all that means not much

  [DELETED] 23:52 02 Jan 2016

Explain to Scan that you need specific instructions how to read minidumps and explain that you've been advised to download BlueScreen View by Nirsoft but you don't know how to use. The instructions are all on the site if you read carefully.

Again, your machine is under warranty, so the onus is on Scan to fix the problem, not you, but you're prepared to try and help up to your capabilities .

If you don't know what you're doing then insist it is RMA'd.

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