PC just turns itself off

  s_whitie 20:47 10 Dec 2008


I have had varrious problems with my pc over th past few weeks but a serious one now. Basically my pc works as normal but after about 10 mins it just turns itself off??

Anyone got any ideas why tppening?? and what I can do to resolve the problem.


  Kevscar1 21:00 10 Dec 2008

are your fans working perhaps it's over heating

  Technotiger 21:01 10 Dec 2008

First thought - overheating, but need more info - about OS and hardware etc.

  T0SH 21:02 10 Dec 2008

Sounds like an overheating problem is causing a thermal shut down, do a visual check the that the CPU and Power Supply cooling fans are running normally and not making any odd noises

Cheers HC

  rdave13 21:19 10 Dec 2008

As above. Disconnect from the mains, remove all the connections from the back of the PC, remember where they go, especially the mains 'kettle' type lead. Set the PC in somewhere well lit and carefully remove the case side. Use a new painter's brush to gently brush off excess dust while holding the end of a vacuum cleaner nozzle to extract the dust that's dislodged.
Take your time doing it and make sure you don't dislodge a connection anywhere inside that PC.
Give a thorough check that all connections are sound then replace the case side and reconnect.
If you're worried about 'earthing' then simply put both hands on any tap in the house so no need for those fancy bracelets.

  s_whitie 22:13 10 Dec 2008

Hi thanks for the advice so far. I have done asinstructed by rdave13 and so far I have been online for about 5 mins without being kicked off :o) I have moved the pc to the living room for the past few months so it would of collected a lot of dust in that time so hopefully that is the only problem and it is now fixed. Thanks again.

  s_whitie 15:13 11 Dec 2008

OK I spoke to soon. The pc is still rebooting so could it be a virus that is causing the problem??? I do have something on my system at the moment that I am struggling to get rid of called Vendrow A. Could that be the cause?

  birdface 15:30 11 Dec 2008

Maybe a system restore to a time before you had the problems.Is time and date working Ok.I Cant find anything about Vendrow A on Google.

  s_whitie 17:10 18 Dec 2008

Hi I have seem to have resolved the power option. The pc only seemed to reboot if I had my wireless usb adaptor in. I reinstalled the software for it and touch wood no problems with it since.

Once thing that is bothering me though is the virus - it is called Vendsrow A

The only software to detect it so far is AOL Spyware. I currently have McAfree Security Centre that I got free with my HSBC account but that does not pick it up.

Does anyone have any ideas how to get rid of this, there is very little information on the internet and what I have found does not work.

  Technotiger 17:18 18 Dec 2008

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