PC just switches off without warning

  dikul 12:40 13 Oct 2014

My 3 year old system is Intel i7 CPU running @ 4.2 Ghz, 12 GB RAM, 4 HDDs, AMD HD6970 Graphics card all powered by a Corsair 600watt PSU. Over the last week it has started to randomly switch off. I have run Malware Bytes, Spybot S&D adn my antivirus without any nasties being found. I have also opened up the case and blown sucked and generally got rid of dust and fluff (not that there was very much). For 2 days it behaved itself but now it's misbehaving again. I am tempted to buy another Corsair PSU (750Watt this time), but before I do is there anything else which may be causing this problem?

Thanks Mike

  wee eddie 14:14 13 Oct 2014

When you cleared the dust, did you make a point of blowing through the PSU and also the fins of the heat exchanger on the CPU.

I'm on my phone, so can't access the address of the software to measure core temperature of the CPU. I'm sure someone else will post a link

  BillSers 14:50 13 Oct 2014

I use SpeedFan click here

  spuds 14:59 13 Oct 2014

Not saying its the answer, but I have just had a similar problem. Changed the PSU and all now appears well. Apparently the PSU was switching off for protection.

  bumpkin 15:30 13 Oct 2014

I have known a damaged USB port to cause the PSU to trip out randomly so worth checking.

  dikul 16:19 13 Oct 2014

Thanks guys, I think I managed to blow all the dust out, but I will have another go. I will also have a look at SpeedFan (and the ASUS motherboard software disk to see what they offer. Will keep you posted.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:50 13 Oct 2014

Check for fluff between fan and heatsink (you will need to lift fan off)

  dikul 13:15 14 Oct 2014

Update; managed to get a lot more dust out from the CPU heatsink and the PSU itself (pastry brushes do work!). Turned the PC on and everything seemed to be fine aand then... power goes off and it restarts - which is a change from just switching off. Damn, unless you have any more ideas it looks as if I will have to raid the piggybank. Mike

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:28 14 Oct 2014

If you have disturbed the CPU from the heat sink you may have to clean off the old heatsink compound and reapply new compound.

  wee eddie 20:28 14 Oct 2014

It certainly appears to be overheating.

You need to clear between the fins of the heat sink so that cool air has free passage across them

  bumpkin 22:10 14 Oct 2014

If you use SpeedFan as suggested and then post the temperatures we will be able to establish whether it is an overheating issue or something else.

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