PC just shuts down when running certain apps??

  Pablothehat 08:00 03 May 2005

Hi anyone had this type of problem? PC boots up ok and will run fine. I may run AVG and it will be fine, then again sometimes the monitor switches itself off and the PC just powers down.
Not like 'normal' crashes.
The PC will boot as normal and no error messages are shown.

I am getting these error in the event viewer

EVENT 5007
TrueVector engine: File "C:\WINDOWS\Internet Logs\HOST.ldb" was corrupt and has been copied to "C:\WINDOWS\Internet Logs\xDB189.tmp". File "C:\WINDOWS\Internet Logs\HOST.ldb" was corrupt and has been deleted.

and this one

The Application Management service terminated with the following error:
The system cannot find the file specified.

I know that TrueVector is part of ZoneAlarm, which I reinstalled but the problem remains.


  Indigo 1 09:31 03 May 2005

I suspect it is something to do with the mains power if the monitor is switching off.

Check your power cables and any multi-point mains adapters/leads for loose connections. Also make sure all fuses are tight.

You may also need to have the outlet socket checked but try it in a different socket and see if it works OK.

  gudgulf 10:46 03 May 2005

Is this any help click here

The Zone Alarm error might be due to a corrupt or bad update..try downloading and installing the latest version again.Also have a look on the ZA forums for some more ideas click here

  Joe R 11:11 03 May 2005


Are you using a boot-up program, to change the bootup logo.?

I had similar problems, caused by a zone alarm update, and a freeware program "booter".

  961 11:17 03 May 2005

True Vector is part of Zone Alarm as stated. Some virus checkers recently seem to have a problem with latest zone alarm updates as you will find if you go to the Zone Alarm, F-secure and Avast web sites. In some cases Zone Alarm will show a splash screen when installing an update saying that there is a problem and refusing to go any further. I could guess and say that in ither cases it may just go ahead even though the problem may be there. The way round the problem that has been suggested by some is to uninstall the virus checker, install the latest zone alarm and then reinstall the virus checker. This of course is a total faff quite apart from the dangers of running without a fully updated virus checker for part of this time

The basic problem seems to be connected with the email checking carried out by zone alarm and the virus checker, and I have found that my own problems here have been cured by turning off the zone alarm email protection

Error 7023 often relates to IPSEC service which relates to internet security. See in administrative tools if this service starts automatically and is running. If for some reason it is disabled or unable to start you may get a 7023 error. There are other reasons for 7023 errors but that is the most likely if you are running xp home on a single computer

  Pablothehat 16:42 03 May 2005

The IPSEC service seems to be working and I will try turning off the email protection in ZA.

I did read that someone was having similar problems and they cleared out the internet log folder. I had a look but I cannot even rename the folder never mind clear it out.

My virus checker is AVG with the latest update.

I'll check on the links you have gave me and see how I get on

Cheers for the help..let u know how I fair...


  961 18:00 03 May 2005

In that case I think it is worth trying to replace the true vector files and the way to do this is to uninstall ALL of zone alarm and start again. Zone alarm site has an uninstaller I think but you need to get rid of ALL the files, if necessary by uninstalling and then going through looking for left over files via the search tool

Then reinstall

If you type error 5007 into google you'll get a microsoft article about it

  Pablothehat 22:26 03 May 2005

Cleared out the internet log files but it still crashes...I am really fed up of just being a slave to this pc..spend most of my time trying to fix problems that do anything creative on it..I have wasted 20 years jerking around with computers and they are still as pants as the ever where.........

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