PC just isn't working, "boot failure"???

  williamsboldon 17:10 24 May 2005

when turning on my pc nothing happens for a minute or so then onto the top left of the screen appears "boot failure, insert boot disk", i insert my recovery disk to re-boot and this loads up as it should but then i get the message, "introduza master cd 1"???? i then try starting the pc with the recovery disk and it loads but then i get the same message. i havent made any master cd's as i havent wanted to back anything up if i was to re-boot. any idea what is up with it?? im looking at buying a new pc since this happened last week, could this be repaired though to have a second pc for my music production?????

  961 17:19 24 May 2005

I'm sure it can be repaired. It probably relates to some cd music system software that has been installed, perhaps with some sort of virus attached

What system software is installed, and what firewall, virus checker and anti spyware?

  williamsboldon 17:43 24 May 2005

i havent installed anything for ages. when i could get onto the pc i was running sygate firewall and avg spyware and anti virus. i was told i could maybe run the xp recory thingy but i dont have an xp as it was pre-installed in my pc.

  DieSse 18:09 24 May 2005

These symptoms often caused by hard drive failure or corruption.

Check - remove and refit - all the cabling to the hard drive.

Check in the BIOS that hard drives are set to AUTO detection.

Next thing, if you haven't got a recovery CD and/or WinXP CD - as you have access to the web from elsewhere (as youare here!), then get an XP emergency boot floppy as described here click here or here click here

And see if this will boot your system - and if you can access the hard drive.

You can also take your hard dribe out and test it in another XP system to see if it is working.

  Ancient Learner 20:39 24 May 2005

You wonderful person. Thank you! I have been looking how to do this for 12 months, and constantly told such a thing doesn't exist. A single floppy to get the darned thing started again could be, and probably will be, a God-send.

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