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PC IOS email cannot receive

  awest3 18:51 05 Jan 2019

Hi, Just today I can't receive my emails on any device. I use a sky email address (powered by Yahoo) I can get onto webmail with no issues, however my PC (using outlook 2016, my iPhone (SE) and my iPads (model 3 and a model 6) cannot receive email. They send ok and my other email account (Gmail and iCloud) work normally.

I've been onto the webmail site and changed the password to no avail, I've done a hard reset on all my IOS devices. My iPad 6 is at 12.1.1 as is my iPhone. my iPad 3 is on version 9.3.5

Each time I try to get email on any device it says 'Username or password is incorrect' and asks for the password. I know the password is correct as I can get onto email via the website...

I've looked at various websites for an answer but none has been able to help so far. Hopefully someone on here maybe able to help.

Thanks in advance. AL

  difarn 21:20 05 Jan 2019

It seems that this has happened quite a few times over the past few months. Do you have a second e-mail registered and have you been sent a 16 digit pasword? Most people who had the faults reported exactly the same as you describe, that there seemed to be an intermittent fault with the server, and that it usually corrected itself.

  awest3 22:56 05 Jan 2019

Hi, Thanks for this. I do have another email registered but have not received any codes.

  difarn 23:27 05 Jan 2019

Have you secured your account as explained in this article?

click here

  awest3 11:47 06 Jan 2019

Thanks, problem solved. I went to the secure site and it generated a password for me, went into Outlook which immediately downloaded my mails...I did not have to put the password in! On my iPads and iPhone I had to use the newly generated passwords. Are these now my permanent passwords? Can I change them back to something I can remember?

Thanks again.....Al

  difarn 19:00 06 Jan 2019

That's good. I assume you set Outlook not to need a password. Have you tried accessing your e-mail account from the website again? To be honest I'm not sure if you can change the 16 digit password. I have had a quick look but can't find anything at all to intimate that you can.

  awest3 10:52 07 Jan 2019

Hi Difarn, I've accessed the website again using the old password and that works ok. I've tried changing the password on my iPad and that does not work..... It looks like we have enforced passwords which is strange. If you do not take a note of the given passwords, and forget them, you may be stuck.!

  awest3 11:17 07 Jan 2019

Spoke too soon on the Desktop PC using Outlook 2016. Just failed and I had to use the Yahoo generated password.

  difarn 14:27 07 Jan 2019

It is odd but on posts I have read the same conclusion has been reached. Is it worth contacting sky/yahoo to ask the question?

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