PC Inetrnet stopped Working!

  jknoxville 12:57 10 Jul 2008

Hi, Recently, my main computer just stopped being able to go on the internet. The modem is connected directly to the wireless router and the PC has a wireless network adapter which its connects with. It was working for a very long time and now has just stopped working, but the icon in the taskbar shows it as connected to the wireless access point so it is. But no internet activity will work. And it isnt a router or modem problem, because my laptop and PS3 are both connected to the same router and they are working fine. I'm typing this on my PS3! So I think it is a problem with viruses or something or an incompatibility with software as my sister installed a game recently and from then the internet started going haywire. Usually, when i run virus checks (with AVG and Ad-Aware) I get no infections, but i am scanning now, and they are finding hundreds of "tracking cookies". Could this be the problem? I will uninstall the game when the virus checks have finished and I will dispose of all these "tracking cookies"

  jknoxville 12:59 10 Jul 2008

I am continuing because I think the PS3 has a limit on how much you can type in one box, anyway... Please help as I dont know what to do as it says its connected but the internet wont work. Please could you give me some ideas to try ASAP. Thank you very much...

  recap 13:01 10 Jul 2008

I doubt if the tracking cookies are the problem, more likely the newly installed program.

  nosharpe 13:03 10 Jul 2008

Try re-installing the USB adaptor software.
I get the same problem with my Netgear USB adaptor.

  Bob The Blob 13:11 10 Jul 2008

Uninstall Zonealarm if you have it.
click here

  Halmer 13:17 10 Jul 2008

when exactly did it stop working?

  jknoxville 13:29 10 Jul 2008

Thanks guys it stopped working fully yesterday. I do have Zonealarm installed so I will try uninstalling it, but why would that be the problem? Also, Mine is also a netgear adapter so I feel I may have the same problem as you. I will try reinstalling netgear first then if that fails zonealarm. thank you very much I will be be if it works or it doesnt. BTW I suppeose I'll have to type in all the settings and encyption WPA keys ect.......

  mfletch 13:30 10 Jul 2008

If it has started in the last two days and if you use ZoneAlarm?

Delete this update from Microsoft KB951748

Use add or remove programs

It is affecting ZoneAlarm


  jknoxville 13:35 10 Jul 2008

thanks mfletch I'll try that first as it seems very likely its the problem. So is that under updates in add/remove programs???

  jknoxville 13:38 10 Jul 2008

Ive just found that update and am uninstalling it now... So is it the microsoft update thats the prob? or the zonealasrm update???

  aceofbass 13:39 10 Jul 2008

I have had this happen three times this week and have narrowed it down to the Microsoft updates released this week. Each time, using system restore to return the setup to pre-software distribution settings allows access to the internet once again.
It seems there is a problem with KB951748 and Zone Alarm. This link may give a fix
click here
I haven't tried this fix yet but am about to.

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