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  pookie 15:55 22 Aug 2003


We have 20 machines on network ranging from windows 95 to xp pro. What, and how, is the best way to record each machine's id. We have stickers that will name each pc as pc1, 2 etc but how do I tell the actual computer what it's id is. ie if someone takes a sticker from pc4 and swaps it with pc 10 then I could boot up and check with the computers themselves what their correct id is. would something like creating a word document as read only and hiding the document in a hidden folder be the best bet. this is probably the daftest question posted but someone has suggested that you can enter an id into computer so that it shows in boot up details.


  rawprawn 16:02 22 Aug 2003

I would have thought that if you installed Aida32 on each computer it will give all the details of each individual computer EG Windows product key. I don't work with a network ,but I think it should work OK.

  rawprawn 16:06 22 Aug 2003

Sorry click here it's free

  wee eddie 21:19 22 Aug 2003

of Office Staff, sneakily shifting PC's from desk to desk and re labelling them to confuse you.

Sounds just like Students to me, are they!

Sorry for the irreverent comment. No I'm not, it's just too good a thought not to share.

  pookie 15:57 27 Aug 2003

thanks for this and wee eddie - no not students :-)


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