PC improvement

  Meshuga 17:27 15 Nov 2003

I am thinking of increasing the power of my pc
by installing a higher powered processor in place of the present 400 mhz one. I dont suppose it`s as simple as it sounds so what else would be involved please. I have a 20GB hard drive and 384 mb of memory. Would it be a cost effective proposition? Any comments would be appreciated.Meshuga.

  critic-al 17:30 15 Nov 2003

some more details please about your system motherboard may help

  Legolas 17:40 15 Nov 2003

As critic-al says we need more info on your m/b as a more powerful CPU might not be compatible with your current m/b.

  Meshuga 17:41 15 Nov 2003

many thanks critic-al. The only info I have on the motherboard is that it is an MSI INC
Aladdin 5 ver 1. The pc itself is by Time. Hope this helps. Meshuga.

  hugh-265156 17:50 15 Nov 2003

i think alladin is the chipset on the board,i may be wrong.

aida32 should identify the board and give you more info.

click here (personal etd)

install it and click "motherboard" on the left and again on the right for a summary.

  hugh-265156 17:53 15 Nov 2003

also click the "computer/summary" tabs

under the motherboard section on the right,anything highlighted,if hovered over with the mouse will be a link to the manufacturers info page.

  Legolas 17:55 15 Nov 2003

After having a look on the Internet I found this site click here

and some of the info Socket 7 Motherboard, MICRO ATX AL11, supports Intel Pentium processor/Pentium MMX technology, AMD K5/K6/K6-2, and Cyrix 6x86/6x86L/6x86MX/MII processors. integrated audio/video, 3 PCI slots, Aladdin 5 chipset, UDMA/33
It looks like an old board and I doubt you could upgrade it enough to make any reqal difference.

  Meshuga 18:08 15 Nov 2003

Thanks to all responses. The info I posted came from Belarc and shows it as the mother board.
As Legolas has said, it is an old board, circa 1995 , and may prove an expensive upgrade so will have a rethink. Many thanks to all. Meshuga.

  hugh-265156 18:30 15 Nov 2003

belarc wrongly reports my gigabyte ga-8siml as an sis650

which is the chipset on the motherboard.

aida32 is better

  mick70 18:34 15 Nov 2003

SiSoft Sandra is a free dwnld & gives you everything about your computer

  spuds 22:31 15 Nov 2003

SiSoft Sandra is a very reasonable programme, but it can tell a few fibs at time, as you may find, if you do a PCA forum search.Usually the free downloads of cover disk versions, have some of the modules 'locked-out'.

aida32 is one of the simpler, and free programmes, that requires consideration.But if you are not sure, why not install all three, Belarc, aida and Sandra.I have worked them together, with no problems.What one doesn't tell you, the other one may.

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