PC Healthcheck

  Yo Ho 06:45 20 Nov 2004

I have installed PC Healthcheck from this months cover cd, but when I run it, I get this message:
Optimisation failed due to internal WMI error.
What does this mean, and how do I sort it?

  €dstowe 07:20 20 Nov 2004

My suggestion would be to ignore all of these panic ware programs and use you computer for something more useful. Many of these healthchecker, optimisers and such like don't do anything near to what they claim and some of them are just come-ons to get you to spend on some other (unnecessary) software to fix a problem that may well not exist.

If your computer is working the way you want it fo, fine. If it is not working the way you want it to, post the specific problem to this forum and someone will suggest ways to fix it.

Always remember the adage: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  Yo Ho 07:34 20 Nov 2004

Know what you are saying, €dstowe. To be quite honest, PC has been behaving very well recently. Just thought as it came with PC Advisor mag, it would do no harm to run it.
Thanks m8.

  Andsome 07:45 20 Nov 2004

I admit it on PCA forum. Most of the C.D's supplied end up in the bin with that wretched Tiscali disc which is ALWAYS stuck to the back of a page with an interesting article on it. The only disc's I use now are those containing clip art

  keverne 07:52 20 Nov 2004

If you do a search for WMI in this forum you will find you're not alone with the problem.

  Yo Ho 07:57 20 Nov 2004

ok. Thanks again guys.

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