pc headphone jack broken trying usb sound but nothing to headphones

  elcaro 17:35 10 Jan 2015

Hi, I've got a pc on which the headphone jack is broken. Trying a usb sound card - looks like a dongle-y thing which sticks in a usb port and has a mic and a headphone jack on it. When plugged in it has a red light which flashes - maybe meaning it's connected? - but when I plug headphones in to it i get no sound. Sorry but I know little about this area. Maybe I need to go into some sort of control panel to tell the system to send sound this way? Any advice would be great. TIA - Terry

  wee eddie 18:44 10 Jan 2015

Has it occurred to you that it may be the Jack Plug (male), or cable, that is at fault. Rather than the Socket (female) that is at fault?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:51 10 Jan 2015

Maybe I need to go into some sort of control panel to tell the system to send sound this way?

Yes, what op system?

see here may help

  elcaro 22:06 10 Jan 2015

Wee Eddie, thanks, when I say the headphone socket on the pc itself, i.e. the female, is broken, there is actually visible physical damage to it, so I suspected that first. I am intending to test the headphones on another machine when I get a chance. Fruit Bat, thanks, I'll get back to you with the operating system details (it's not my pc.) Regards, Terry.

  wee eddie 22:54 10 Jan 2015

Elcaro: Don't rely on what you think you can see. The most frequent fault is a breakage to the core of the cable.

  wee eddie 22:56 10 Jan 2015

To test your headset: You don't need a computer. Plug it into a Radio or TV.

  mole1944 05:42 11 Jan 2015

Is it me or do people not know how to do basic fault finding by substitution and elimination.Sounds like wee eddie and myself are on the same track.

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