Pc HDMI connection issue - no signal on tv

  Kayle95 18:04 07 Mar 2018

Hi, here’s a summary of the issue.

Move my pc into another room and connected via hdmi to tv. No signal was shown on the tv.

Swapped the wires and went back to previous tv, now the pc is showing no signal on both TVs.

I have tried various fixes, removing the circular battery, holding he power button down ect.

As I’ve had to turn the pc on and off via the power button multiple times, it has now gone quieter than usual when turned on.

The keyboard and mouse are lighting up but no response from either now.

The HDMI cable never fully went into the slot so was loose and had worked in the past, it looks slightly bent inside but not majorly

Any advice? Buy a new graphic card and try that? Or have I messed up the motherboard some how?


  Govan1x 22:53 07 Mar 2018

have you changed the HDMI connection in the TV to make sure that the computer is connected.

Usually done by using the TV remote.In my case I have to press the source button on my remote the shift to the right connection. If you have tried that just ignore this.

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