p.c has trouble booting up

  wizzgav 21:09 02 May 2003

normally when i turn my p.c on it beebs once and loads alright into windows 98. Now when i turn on it don`t beep then freezes i press restart it beeps then makes half beep freezes up. But on third attempt it beeps (as it supposed to) and loads up normally but can be slow and windows is also slower please someone help as i need to to my homework!

  Blitzer 21:22 02 May 2003

May be worth trying a new power supply.

  mrdsgs 21:27 02 May 2003

sound like something is loose and/or poor electrical connection.

repeated attempts to boot literally warm it up and a dodgy circuit expands when warm and makes the connection.

try removing and reinsering all cables from the back of the case, particularly monitor keyboard and mouse. also check at the monitor end if cables have worked loose.

failing that, look inside the pc (not as scary as it may seem) but with power off and earthed!!!!

are any of the pci cards loose, are any power or data cables going into the back of drives or the motherboard loose.

remove and reinsert the graphics card and memory.

these are guesses, but quite likely explanations, particularly if you have moved the pc case recently.

good luck


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