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PC has start up repair problems.

  pcadvice 09:21 28 Jul 2019

pc was working fine,now starts & goes immediately to start up repair.After 4 hours this is still running & does not complete.OS is W7.Can I cancel this ? what should I do ? Thank you.

  wee eddie 11:03 30 Jul 2019

We know little about your PC.

Google "POST Beep Codes" and possibly your MOBO Manufacturer's name

That could tell you what 3 Beeps mean. My guess is something attached to a USB Port

  pcadvice 09:52 15 Aug 2019

Thanks to all for help. The Beeps pointed to a Ram issue.Tried alternative Ram module & no change. Mother board was eventually the faulty item ?? Fingers crossed Pc will now be ok !! Once again, thanks to everyone.

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