PC has start up repair problems.

  pcadvice 09:21 28 Jul 2019

pc was working fine,now starts & goes immediately to start up repair.After 4 hours this is still running & does not complete.OS is W7.Can I cancel this ? what should I do ? Thank you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:45 28 Jul 2019

Do you have the windows 7 DVD? If so

  1. You may have to set the DVD drive as irst boot device (it is probaly already set so you can move to step 2

  2. boot from the DVD

  3. A Black screen will appear with the words 'Press any key to boot from CD or DVD', Press Any key to start the booting process

  4. The 'Windows is loading files' screen will now appear with a progress bar.

  5. After a few minutes the Microsoft copyright window ill appear and another small progress bar will be visible

  6. You will next see a Blue curtained screen

  7. Next the Language option screen will appear Select your language and keyboard language and the Click the Next button

  8. At the bottom left of the next screen - the Install screen, Click on the Repair Your Computer option

  9. The System recovery options will now search for your Windows installation

  10. Once the Windows installation has been located, Highlight it and then Click the Next button

  11. The set of recovery options now appears, Click on the Option you require and follow the on screen prompts.

I suggest you first try doing the startup repair from the DVD menu.

  Secret-Squirrel 11:11 28 Jul 2019

After 4 hours this is still running & does not complete.

It'll almost certainly never complete so turn the computer off by holding in its power button for a few seconds. You may be lucky and find that when you turn it back on it boots up normally. If it doesn't then read on:

On the vast majority of computers you don't actually need a Windows 7 DVD to boot into the repair options. To do this, turn your computer on then immediately start tapping the F8 key quickly and stop when you get to the "Advanced Boot Options" screen. Using the arrow keys and Enter key, select "Repair Your Computer". Follow the prompts until you arrive at "System Recovery Options". The first thing to try is "System Restore". Choose the most recent date available that pre-dates the onset of this problem. You won't lose any personal data such as documents, pictures or emails etc.

  pcadvice 15:59 28 Jul 2019

Thanks for both replies.Have done system repairs,restore point back - a couple of days has sorted nearly all ?? New issue, on start up,screen says,wants to run disk check, if I cancel this for start normally - all is perfect.If it runs disk check - this will not complete.Gets to stage 2 of 3,says,correcting error on index 130 & file 20376,will not progress beyond this.If I restart its just the same, always says to run disk check ?? Any ideas please, Thanks.

  wee eddie 16:28 28 Jul 2019

What no one has told you id that the disk Check may need to run for 10 hours, or many more.

You are obviously sitting there watching it.

Lock it in a cupboard and go away for the weekend. With any luck, it will have completed by the time you return

  mrgrumpy 17:28 28 Jul 2019

Just in case you thought he was , wee eddie is not making fun of you , some processes do take a very long time if you have never used them.

examples :-

Defraging a pc for first time , set it running and go to bed. DONT DEFRAG SSD'S

Downloading windows updates on a new or rebooted pc , same advice set updates running and go to bed.

The reason check disc is taking a long time is because it has found something that needs attention. Depending on the size of your hard drives if windows did not find anything to repair it should not take more than about 10 mins to do the different stages.

  Secret-Squirrel 17:42 28 Jul 2019

.... on start up,screen says,wants to run disk check,.......

When Windows thinks there might be something wrong with the integrity of your hard drive it sets a "dirty bit" which tells the computer to run a disk check on startup. While it's possible to manually remove the dirty bit, it's not for the faint-hearted, but if you're an experienced user then I can tell you how.

Your best option at this stage is to let the disk check complete. Before you go to bed tonight, or in the morning before you head off for work, head over to Computer -> right-click your C: drive -> Properties -> "Tools" tab -> "Check now" button. Make sure that only the top option is ticked (because it's the bottom option that can take forever), click the "Start" button, then click on the "Schedule disk check" button. The next time you restart your computer the check should start automatically.

  pcadvice 13:10 29 Jul 2019

Thank you to everyone.After an all night stint the disk check did complete.The PC is now running fine, accept I cannot set a restore point ?? Any further thoughts please ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:08 29 Jul 2019

Never been a fan of windows restore instead I use the free version of Macrium Reflect to make an image to a separate drive (also make a rescue disk) that way if windows goes "wonky" I can restore the image far quicker than windows restore works and a lot more reliable. Plus you can search and restore files for an image if necessary i.e. you delete something by mistake.

  Secret-Squirrel 16:03 29 Jul 2019

........accept I cannot set a restore point ??

What happens exactly? If you get any error messages then post them here in full.

  midomidi2013 18:39 29 Jul 2019


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