PC has froze aggressively and broke

  Jpro9000 14:20 27 Aug 2018

Windows 10

Earlier today I was on my computer just chilling and playing games. Then my computer started seriously freezing and eventually crashed while I tried to alt-tab. I had 4 apps running (discluding background apps) EU4 (Game), Chrome, OBS (Screen Recorder) and Discord (Voice And Text Chat). When this happened the inside of the laptop was making strange noises like crackling from the inside. Possibly the HDD?

This happened on my gaming laptop, the Medion Erazer P7651.

Specs : CPU, Memory and Operating System:

Intel Core i7 8550U processor. Dual core processor. 3.7GHz processor speed. 8GB RAM. 1TB HDD storage. Microsoft Windows 10.


NVIDIA GTX 10 series1050 graphics card with 4GB RAM. Dedicated graphics card.

After multiple restarts auto-repair finally kicked in and the first screen shown said "Preparing Auto Repair" the next screen said "Diagnosing Your PC" then it always says "Auto Repair Was Unable To Fix Your PC". I left it completely off for several hours and retried, didn't work. I tried a System Restore, also didn't work.

If it is a hardware issue is my only option to take it to a shop? If I Reinstall Windows and keep my files will that still delete my gamestates? That is not an option as these gamestates are needed since they are on youtube. I was recording when this happened. I also have music I've made which I am afraid will also be deleted if I Reinstall.

What can I do? I'm desperate.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:13 27 Aug 2018

download and boot from a linux distro on USB and use that to back up all you files before you do anything else.

Also worth making a windows boot media USB from MS and try doing your repairs from that.

1]: [click here

  wee eddie 17:45 27 Aug 2018

Are the heatsinks clear of dust?

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