pc has died help

  User-92DDCDF3-0184-434B-8701EC41369540AF 09:48 05 Sep 2003

I have just tried to switch my main pc on and a big nothing happened...no fans lights or nothing...have checked fuses and the one in the plug had blown.....put a new one in and that blew aswell....was only using pc last night...


  scooby43 09:53 05 Sep 2003

have you got a power surge protector this can help towards shortages like power cuts.

dont have a surge protector...have never had any problems before....pc that i,m using for internet is fine

  graham√ 10:05 05 Sep 2003

Can you try another mains lead? If the fuse blows in that, the problem must be the PSU.

have just tried a spare mains lead.....the fuse has blown!Can just see inside psu box and the fuse in there looks fine

son has just admitted he tried to overclock it....is this the end for this pc

  danny0001uk 10:36 05 Sep 2003

Yeah afraid so the not to mention the processor motherboard will be fried as well as the powerpack due too lack of resistence thats why it keeps blowing the fuse. U need a new motherboard processor powerpack and other components depending how bad it has fried.
Disconnect form power supply and open the case then ull see the damage caused

feel sick!!!!son has left ...didnt think it was a big deal to overclock!!!!....have opened the case and everything looks the same

apparently all the overclocking as he calls it was done on ""fuzzy logic" which came with pc

what damage should i be looking for?

  Rayuk 13:50 05 Sep 2003

Overclocking your pc wouldnt cause your plug to fuse,maybe your socket is the problem can you use anything else in the socket ok?

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