PC Has Died...

  Slithe 19:33 02 Feb 2006


My dad's pc, an Hynju computer has recently died and to be honest I am not sure whether anything can be done to fix it.

When we switch the PC on, nothing happens, no fan whirrings or any BIOS beeps. The computer power light remains constant, and the monitor goes blank with 'no signal input' flashing.

I've removed as many components as possible - gone to 1 stick of RAM both are in perfect working order and were tested in other machines. Just the basics needed to start up with no joy. I've also tried removing components one at a time and that yields no results.

The wiring has been checked to the fans, heatsink and motherboard and all is correctly fitted and secure. As the power light remains on, the power supply seems ok.

The fans are fine, as we've booted the PC without the cover on completely, and the heatsink and fans begin to spin and then stop. We've also tried cleaning the fans to remove debris to no avail. The outer case being off makes no difference to the booting up, as the PC also fails to boot with the outer case securely fitted as well, we wanted to see if something specific was failing.

The heatsink is fitted correctly and secure, and all connections to the drives - hard drive and opticals are connected securely. Keyboard and mouse are also plugged in correctly, and nothing was incorrectly removed from the PC on a last Windows XP Shutdown.

We've tried booting with a restore CD and that fails to respond - even a Windows XP disc. The floppy boot fails as well.

Any ideas or should I be looking at replacing this machine?

  SANTOS7 19:48 02 Feb 2006

click here
couple of things here you may want to try..

  skidzy 19:49 02 Feb 2006

Surely this is a power issue..I dont know the answer..but interested in replies to your question Slithe.Good luck

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:53 02 Feb 2006

The fans are fine, as we've booted the PC without the cover on completely, and the heatsink and fans begin to spin and then stop.

Classic sign of failed PSU, renew the PSU or attempt tpo power from a PSU from another machine.

  Slithe 20:04 02 Feb 2006

OK - SANTOS 7 - the PC doesn't have a separate graphics card, it's all on board and doesn't have a separate AGP slot so I could test it. However, all the hardware appears OK as I've tested as much as possible in other PC's.

skidzy and Fruit Bat - I've got some more info that I'd forgotten, I thought it was a PSU problem at first, but before we got to this stage, the PC was failing to boot into Windows XP, and then this happened.

The power light remains on in the casing as well, just nothing inside works.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:38 02 Feb 2006

The power light remains on in the casing as well

Very little power required to run LED on case, 5v to run fans, as power drawn by CPU and HDD during BIOS booot then fans die.

Classic sign of PSU failure although could be CPU or motherboard.

PSU is most likely to have failed and cheapest option to replace.

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