PC, harmful if on floor?

  Nonnyriley 10:25 16 Apr 2003

I want to place my pc on the floor as dont really have space for it on my desk so want to place it on the floor.

Is this harmful to the pc as I was told once it can damage it due to larger surface = more vibration. Is this true?

  DieSse 10:33 16 Apr 2003

It'll be fine. Many of the many i support are on the floor. You can get a cheap plastic stand with wheels to get it out of the worst of the dust tho'.

  Colin 10:39 16 Apr 2003

I have put my PC's on the floor for the past 4 years. I use a piece of thick cardboard to dampen any vibration and have had no problems with it. You could also use foam matting.

  Nonnyriley 10:43 16 Apr 2003

thanks for your replies, keep em coming :).
As it goes, I have an old hard drive box with foam which folds out nicely so I might just do that.

  dewskit 10:45 16 Apr 2003

From past (bitter) experience if you have cats in your household, then think twice as cat pee is incredibly destructive, and they seem to have a 'thing' about electrical items - maybe the smell of insulation or something gets to them!

  Skeletor 10:50 16 Apr 2003

I would think the type of floor and what covering would be the main factors. Bearing in mind that floor boards in older houses can be rather springy. If its on a carpet, this could be a problem, with carpet fibres and dust being sucked into the PC. So, if its on a sound floor and no excessive dust it should be OK.
I think people most have their PC on the floor anyway (I do).

  Nonnyriley 10:51 16 Apr 2003

I do have cats but the pc's upstairs and i do let him near my pc so that'll be fine. Thanks anyway

  Nonnyriley 10:54 16 Apr 2003

on my last message i meant i dont let them near my pc. It going to be on carpet but its a really thin carpet and doesn't give up much dust.

  nightporter 10:56 16 Apr 2003

You know the usuall thing with pets is to get them to pee outside, Its lucky you dont have a Great Dane! lol

  Nonnyriley 11:00 16 Apr 2003

Im about to have a large shuffle around of my desk space so any last words?

  Sir Radfordin™ 11:03 16 Apr 2003

Just make sure you leave room at the back for the air to circulate and dust behind it often. Its amazing (and worrying!) how much dust does build up in and around a PC.

The amount of cables computers have coming out of them these days normally means you've enough space around the back for air flow not to be a problem.

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