pc hardrives swapping between xp and win 8

  seffathome 15:45 26 Dec 2013

Hi all

this is my first post so sorry if it does not make sence i will try to elaborate wheat i want to do

simply this

currently i have a sata hardrive with winxp pro 64 bit and i would like to take that out and install windows 8 OEM on a sata III but i dont want to use windows 8 harddrive all the time would i be able to for eg. when on the windows xp hardrive shut the pc down remove that harddrive and plug in the one with windows 8 on install the games on that i want to play and when i want to unplug the hardrive and plug back in the oner with xp on

would this work or would it cause me problems?>


  hastelloy 08:12 27 Dec 2013

I think it would be simpler to put the second HDD in permanently and dual boot - ie you have XP on on 1 HDD and W8 on the other. Alternatively, you could have both on the same HDD. When you switch on you will be given a choice of OS to boot into.

See dual boot. This is for W7 but works the same for W8.

  alanrwood 18:48 27 Dec 2013

marvin is dead rioght. Swapping hard drives around frequently is likely to cause damage to the SATA cable/connector as they are not designed for this constant plugging/unplugging.

  lotvic 12:35 28 Dec 2013

"would this work or would it cause me problems"

Yes it would work. Only problem is as alanrwood says about the connectors, however I've been doing this with XP and W7 for past year and so far haven't damaged connectors on back of hard drives. (I have separate hard drives for Grandchildren so they can't mess my stuff up)

  seffathome 10:34 29 Dec 2013

thanks all for your kind responces i will see how i get on with the swapping and then i will try the other option



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