PC Hard Disk. I Lost My Free Space.

  Muhammad Zulqarnain 16:55 17 Jul 2018

Hi, my PC is still new but suddenly something weird happen. My hard disk is 150gb and last time I check it's still got 144gb free space. Than this morning I'm not able to download 2gb files because of low space. When I check my computer, the hard disk suddenly got only 1gb free space. What's actually happen to my PC? Does anyone can help me? I'm not good in PC problems. Thank You.

  Govan1x 17:20 17 Jul 2018

hard disk is 150gb

Then you have no chance of having 144gb free space on it unless you use an external drive as well.

I am assuming that you are using windows.

  Forum Editor 19:28 17 Jul 2018

"My hard disk is 150gb and last time I check it's still got 144gb free space."

150Gb is small for a new computer these days - are you sure that you were looking at the total drive space, or could it have been a partition on a much larger drive?

A 64bit windows 10 installation will occupy around 20Gb of space on your C drive, and then you must add all your installed software.

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