PC hangs when booting up

  Newgrove 16:35 19 Jan 2005

Am using WindowsXP Home(+SP2). When booting up, after the POST test completes, the Windows XP logo appears, and progresses. The screen then goes blank (hangs) and the PC does not progress to the Windows (Welcome) screen. The computer somtimes tries to automatically reboot itself, with the same result. I have reloaded Windows XP with the same boot failure.What is the PC trying to do before the Welcome screen appears? This might help me to pinpoint the cause of the problem.
Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks,

  Gongoozler 16:43 19 Jan 2005

Hi Don. If you can boot into Safe Mode, you can check the Event Viewer (Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Event Viewer). Look under System (and while you're there you could look under application but that's not really relevant in this case) to see if there are any errors coinciding with your failed boot attempts.

  Gongoozler 21:17 20 Jan 2005

Hi Gongoozler. Many thanks for your prompt advice.Have gone into events and at an Error line it reads...Error Code 100000ea +several Parameter nos. Not able to interpret this as I'm not a PC fundi. An earlier Events line read 'The computer has rebooted from a bug check' What the PC is now doing is to reboot itself after each failed reboot attempt, and at the 3rd attempt the XP Welcome screen appears, and Windows loads up..and all is OK. Am still anxious to have a normal boot-up, so will still keep trying. Have reloaded my Windows XP recovery disc, and all my programs, but boot-up problem remains. Could there be a fault in the Hard Drive? Thanks again for your interest...greatly appreciated. Don


Hi Don. It's best to reply via the "Add a new response to -- " box at the bottom of the page so that other forum members can contribute to the discussion.


If you get the full Event Viewer message, you can enter the Source and ID into the boxes on this page click here, and Microsoft will translate them for you. Most Event Viewer error are insignificant, but the occasional one gives really useful information.
The page is titled Windows XP Professional, but I think it generally also applies to XP Home.

  inneedofhelp 21:25 20 Jan 2005

try entering the cmos, and disabling usb legacy support. i bet that will fix it

  Newgrove 10:10 21 Jan 2005

Thanks for suggestion, inneedofhelp. Have disabled usb legacy support, but problen still remains. Have tried several logical variations on cmos but problem still remains. After several boot-up attempts eventually I have success. During failed attempts, nothing happens after the XP logo disappears, and no Welcome screen appears, and when this happens the hard drive sounds as if it has stopped (the HDD light also disappears). Perhaps the problem may be with my HDD. I think I will try a new HDD and see what happens. Thanks again for your interest

  Gongoozler 10:33 21 Jan 2005

Hi Newgrove. I think it's most unlikely this is a faulty hard drive. It is much more likely that Windows is waiting for a response from something. Recently I installed Windows XP with SP2 on my Daughter's computer. This would then hang at boot-up. The error messages referred to ATAPI. After investigation I found that it was caused by her CD-RW drive being slightly too slow in responding to a request for information from Windows. SP2 is more aggressive in it's timeout for this response. The cure was a new CD-RW (the old one was put into a Windows 98 system). This is why I thought an Event Viewer error message might give the answer to your problem.

  ACOLYTE 11:16 21 Jan 2005

My system did this but only when i first installed sp2 it appeared to have died just hung on the startup screen(the one with the moving blue line) it went black for about five minutes then the security screen popped up and since then its been ok,maybe you need to give it some time,just a thought.

  Newgrove 17:59 21 Jan 2005

Thanks again Gongoozler for keeping me in your problem-solving thoughts. Have delayed any work on the HDD, and, following from your experience, I switched the boot-up drive the CD-ROM one, to the other CD-RW one, assuming that it was unlikely that both would be faulty. The boot-up problem remained, except that the PC, by itself, continued to repeat boot-up attempts, with the 4th attempt being successful.In all these boot-up attempts I still get a 'dead' screen before the 'Welcome' screen, with the monitor indicating no signal from the PC. Although coincident (I think!!!), my boot-up problems followed an attempt to connect a Belkin Wireless Router Modem to the network card of the PC. In trying to resolve my boot-up problems the Router is not connected. Following your direction, I will play around with the CMOS settings in the Boot Menu and see how progress goes. Thanks again for your interest...I have learned a lot from your help

  Newgrove 18:07 21 Jan 2005

Hi Acolyte. Thanks for sharing your experience with me. Hopefully time and patience will bring the desired result. I have also SP2 installed some time back, and all has gone fairly well, except the Security tool which kept telling me I had no Anti-Virus operating, whenever Norton Antivirus was running effectively on my PC. I then had to instruct the Security module to ignore the Anti-virus concerns it was showing. Apparently this is a problem with some AV packages and the SP2 Security tool.

  Gongoozler 18:07 21 Jan 2005

Have you tried the Event Viewer info into the Microsoft web site yet? In my daughter's computer problem, unplugging the CD-RW drive was necessary, but I don't think this is the problem with your computer. In my case the boot hang was at the desktop before the icons were displayed.

  Newgrove 15:06 25 Jan 2005

Many thanks, everyone, for all your suggestions and help.As you suggested, Gongoozler, I did follow Event Viewer to the Microsoft website, and got a reply which pin-pointed the fault in the drivers of the Video Card, or the card itself. Reinstalling the drivers didn't eliminate the problem, but a new Video Card (Radeon 9200SE)immediately cured it. The time lag between the WP Logo screen and Welcome screen has now gone completely. I have learned a lot from our inter-communication. Thanks again to everyone

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