PC hangs when AMD graphics driver is updated.

  Girish venkata 15:46 01 Dec 2016


I'm using a Dell inspiron 15R 5521 laptop (windows 8.1) having 8GB RAM with AMD Radeon HD 8730M (2GB) and Intel HD 4000 (2GB) graphics. The problem is that i recently updated my AMD drivers to latest ones downloaded from their site. After the update my pc hangs on restart screen and KMplayer would not play any video files on my hard disk. Also the boot time takes more than 4mins. Please help with appropriate links to download if anything necessary. Thanks

  Govan1x 17:07 01 Dec 2016

Go to device manager and roll back the driver for it and see if that works.

  Girish venkata 17:13 01 Dec 2016

When i rolled back, the configurable switchable graphics option and also AMD settings option were missing

  Govan1x 17:46 01 Dec 2016

Click here I know nothing about laptops but it says nothing on the click here about AMD being installed.

  Bris 18:27 01 Dec 2016

I am guessing here but it seems you opted for a graphics upgrade when you ordered your laptop but as the HD4000 graphics is part of the processor you have that as well. The problem is most likely that when you updated the Radeon drivers both sets of drivers became active and thats what is causing the problem. You need to disable either one or the other.

  Girish venkata 18:29 01 Dec 2016

No, the laptop came with both graphic cards. If i need to disable one how do i do it?

  Bris 18:54 01 Dec 2016

Look in control panel>administrative tools>computer management>device manager>display adapters then if there is more than one, under the drivers tab click disable on the one you dont want, HOWEVER, make sure you can get into safe mode on boot before you disable graphics drivers otherwise you may end up with a blank screen. Needless to say if there is only one showing DONT disable it. You may also need to check in the BIOS first and also look in the manual to see if it gives any info on turning off the HD4000 graphics.

If you are not happy to experiment and rolling back the Radeon drivers gets you back to normal then its probably advisable to stick with the old drivers.

  Girish venkata 18:57 01 Dec 2016

I know to disable from device manager, i thought there would be a different way. But i think i'll stick with the old drivers. Thanks Bris

  Bris 19:13 01 Dec 2016

Probably a wise choice.

  Govan1x 09:56 02 Dec 2016

If you get bored at any time and you want to try AMD graphics again you can download and run this. Must admit I did not know that you could have both Intel and AMD on the one computer so have learned something new.

Have a look in Add Remove to see if you have Catalyst Control Center on it and delete it. Then reinstall it using this.

Click Here

  Girish venkata 10:00 02 Dec 2016

Ok i will try this once and see if it can fix the problem. Thanks Govan1x

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