PC hangs even after clean install

  Placebian 22:29 12 Sep 2003

I started to have trouble with my PC hanging, usually whilst on the net, but then also when offline. I think when a new window might have been opening. I thought it might have been software related as I had downloaded the latest version of Kazaa around the time it began. I un-installed it to no avail so I then decided to re-install windows after deleting the partition etc. It seemed ok for a day or two and then the problem returned, just before my modem packed up.Then thought it must have been that and installed a new one and still the same problem. The only other software I have installed is norton anti virus 03 and firewall 02 and the modem drivers. all else was through windows xp. any ideas people?

  Placebian 22:33 12 Sep 2003

Also, my system will hang when offline and i try to do something as simple as try to change screen saver or online when I try to scan for windows updates. My spec is windows xp, 512MB DDR RAM, 1800+xp, 2x40GB HD, Zoom v.92 modem, gforce 4 ti and soundblaster sound card. Thanks for any help.

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